29 Years Old, and Ready to Be Healthy in my 30's!!!

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I have been obese by today's standards as long as...

I have been obese by today's standards as long as I can remember. Bullied as a child and no diet ever seemed to really work for me. I am 29 soon to be 30 in December and I am ready to change my life. Not just for me but my daughter and my husband. This is my 2nd time doing pre-op, 2013 I ended up pregnant weeks before my surgery!! She was my miracle baby. So I have to change my lifestyle to be here for her! At my heaviest I weighed 383lbs. I will be going into my surgery weighing under 345lbs. I am overly excited and also tremendously scared!!! Wish me luck!!

3 days Post Op

Today is my first day home since I had the gastric Sleeve on 10/8/15. I only used pain meds the day of surgery and came home with none. The pain is very minimal and I probably wouldn't be in any pain but I have a very active 1 year old and she likes to climb! Getting my protein in today is becoming a challenge. My husband has been my nurse since being released, he makes sure I drink 4 oz. every hour and do my leg exercises and walk as I was instructed. I have little to no energy and my back hurts from sleeping on it. I can't wait to see how I feel over the next few days. I am ready to get back to life!!

6 weeks post op!

I am currently 6 weeks post op. I have lost 36 lbs since surgery and 66 total. I am feeling the difference already. Off my bp meds!!! Getting my protein in and water intake! Loving life and finally my clothes are going down in #s!! I am going to the gym next month for weight training. For now I walk my treadmill. I updated my photos so you can see what I see!! Thank you for the support!!

Just some pictures

Here are the before during and after pictures from my surgery.
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