Finally Bbl. Revision #dr.butts Miami SALAMA 2016

Decided I needed Bbl revision after prior bbl 2012...

Decided I needed Bbl revision after prior bbl 2012.

The office staff have been amazing and have really gone out of the way to accommodate me. I had a really rough day where everything that could go wrong did so I was running behind. They even stayed late after a delay in my arrival and got me in there. Most places would have just locked the door.


The pics don't do it don't do it justice. It is way bigger in person Dr. Salama outdid himself.

Day of surgery.
Meet SALAMA, he is great. He really took the time to litsen to all my wants. Even look at my wish pics. He was kind a straight to point. Explained all the risks, what and know he was going to do things, what to expect.

Dr.salama is absolutely amazing I have a very to little to no pain. Is like a tickle the fat out my is night and day from my last BBl the first round I had incredible pain I could barely walk. This time I can walk easy get it out of bed use the bathroom and I haven't taken one single pain pill. So his lipo skills have increased.

I had a breast lift lipo to arms chin thighs thighs stomach.

Price I paid is wrong!

I actually paid more????

Amazing facility and the best equipment!

The surgical center is clean and really fancy. Plus Dr.salama has invested a lot of money in the top of the line equipment like his vaser laser and cell saver which cleans you blood you have lost in surgery and pumps it back in you. Originally I choose not to get it. But Dr. Salama puts his patients first and explained that since it is round two bbl and lift I will lose more blood because of scar tissue. So I signed the waiver.

Pictures 1 day post up

Way bigger in person

First Massage day

Im really swollen so I hope it helps bring the swelling down. The office staff was really nice when I came in.

EPS office pics

Back at office for second massage!

Chin lipo snatched

My chin lipo has the littlest scar and all the bruises have gone away. Its still a little swollen but I love my results.

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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