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Hey everyone, I am 5'6 and my normal weight is...

Hey everyone, I am 5'6 and my normal weight is about 150 to 155 lbs. I have a beautiful 22 month old little girl and am expecting a little boy in March. I've always had the dreaded muffin top growing up, but after reaching 218 lbs on my first pregnancy it became apparent that I could never have the body I wanted, let alone the one I use to have. I would spend up to 2 hours a day exercising and watched everything I ate. Even with all the hard work and strict nutrition my stomache (skin) would sag to the floor when I did planks, or push ups.

My breast which where always large, DD38, completly deflated after breast feeding and would hang very low. My stomache, pelvis, and sides are completly covered in stretch marks. My skin has horrible elasticity. After my dauhter was born I scheduled a consult for laser lipo only to be turned down as a poor candidate. I was told I could return at a later date to see if there was any improvement. I was so upset. I did not want a tummy tuck. Now after careful consideration I have decided that I am going to have a full mommy makeover. Tummy tuck, breast lift, silicone gel implants, and lipo if needed.

My consult is scheduled for June and I have booked the OR in advance so I can have the procedures completed in August. I just want to feel good in my own skin, and hopefully look good in a two piece. Im ok with the stretch marks, but i just dont want breast at my belly button, or a flap of skin hanging over my pants at the age of 26.

Ok so after much discussion about breast I have...

ok so after much discussion about breast I have decided to post some pics of mine. Please note that I am currently 8 months preggers so they are fuller than normal. What do you think ladies, can I just get a lift?

Still trying to upload pics, not sure what the...

still trying to upload pics, not sure what the problem is.....

Finally able to upload some pics. So I am...

Finally able to upload some pics. So I am currently a D-DD 38. I am hoping to be a full C or D but with plently of lift and a reduced nipple. They have changed alot since I started to have children. I was thinking that I needed to have a anchor lift with an implant to get the desired effect that I want but after viewing others results I may just get away with a lift. It would be nice to not have to worry about implant rejection, and replacement.

Hey everyone! So had a beautiful little boy the...

Hey everyone! So had a beautiful little boy the end of March. I went up to 200 lbs and am currently sitting at 170. I want to get down into the 150's before my consult in June so my surgeon can give me an acuurate assessment. So im doing the 17 day diet lol. On day 13 and down 5 lbs so far. Im pretty sure I can hit my goal weight of 155 by mid June. I want to give myself a good month of healthy eating without restrictions before I have surgery.

So I am still hoping to just get the breast lift without implants but everytime I see a nice "set" on tv I start to wonder if I should get them while im at it. I just don't want any further maintenance. So im gonna wait and see what the doctor has to say about it.

I am so nervous that he will tell me that im not a good candidate or that my skin needs more time to heal from my pregnancy. I am healthy but you never know. Anyways I will post some before pics soon. Any one else having surgery in August?

Hey ladies!! Im just a couple weeks away from my...

hey ladies!! Im just a couple weeks away from my consult and down to 163. Thats about 40 lbs in two months since I had my little guy. Surgery is not till August so lots of time to ge down to my goal of 155....maybe even a little lighter.

Im so excited. Sure hope everything goes good. I booked a suite for a week in Halifax since I am travelling out of province. Im still up in the air on the boobs. I have decided to leave that up to my surgeon. If he can lift them and leave me any bigger than a C then I wont bother with the implants. But if they are all skin and I end up with a B then im going with some gel's.

So anyone else constantly in the mirror lifting and repostioning their goods? I can't stop thinking of what my body will be like. I have horrible stretch marks from my va ja ja to my ribs so I know I will still have my mommy marks but to actually have a flat stomach. Its so hard to believe that I will not have a muffin top. This thing has been with my since I was eight. And to have ta ta's that actually sit where they are suppose to.......its gonna be a dream come true. I wanna go shopping for some lingerie and pritty underware.

I think I may even see if he has any cancellations in july and get this thing on the go. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

So here are some before bikini shots

so here are some before bikini shots

Had a dream last night that I went in for my...

had a dream last night that I went in for my surgery. I remember praying that I would wake up and then it was all over. I was waking up from surgery and my stomache was so flat and my boobs so perky lol. It was so real and I was sore and everything.

so less than a week away from my consult. Getting very nervous. I keep thinking he is gonna look at my body and think im a lost cause. Everyone else on here seems to have way better skin tone. My skin sucks. Its so pale and has no elastisity. Once its stretched its stretched for good. There is no going back. I don't tan either but after surgery I am gonna go for a spray tan and see what that looks like.

I am trying to decide now on what body parts are the most important to get fixed. What areas I want to lipo over others incase the doc says he can only do one area. My hate list consists of armpit fat must go, bra roll, flanks, tummy tuck, breast lift, peferbly without implants, and im gonna ask if there is any treatments for my inner upper thighs. They were so stretched out in my firt pregnancy now the skin is loose and i have cellulite. Maybe some kind of magic tightening procedure lol.

ah he's probably gonna think that I am to unrealistic but I think I was just given a shity deal genetically. Its this freakin skin I have. Why couldnt I of just had better skin??? I really hope he can make some major improvements. I wanna wear that bikini so bad. I don't mind if I am left with stretch marks, or even a little pouch. But I want to look good in that bikini. I work so hard to get in shape. I am running more than 10 k now once a week and 2 to 3 times a week I run 5 to 6 k. I go to water aerobics, the gym, eat super healthy. I have lost 44 pounds since the birth of my son 2 months ago.

I wanna go in his office and have him say that he can make some huge improvments ant that I will be thrilled with my results. A girl can dream can't she???????

So the date has been moved up. Im so excited to...

So the date has been moved up. Im so excited to get this behind me. I had my consult the other day and it went well. I found out that I am not a candidate for implants. Apparently it would be a huge surgery because of how saggy I am and my nipples would be at risk for dying. So of course I want to keep the nipples lol. I will be getting a full tommy tuck with muscle repair. A major breast lift (anchor), lipo to the flanks, armpit area, upper abs, and bra roll.

Can't wait……..

Hey ladies so the count down is on. In two weeks...

Hey ladies so the count down is on. In two weeks I will be on my way to becoming a new woman. Got my pre op blood work back today and I am all clear for surgery. Platletes a little low but nothing that should cause any complications. Im still out on what size nipples to get. My doc recommends 3.5 cm and it seems like many of the doctors on here do too. Of course I had to ask lol. I never had big nipples before I had children but now they are huge and 3.5 sounds so small.

Im starting to freak out about if I will make it through or not. Poor hubby doesent even want to talk about it. He is so scared. The other day we were driving and he just looked at me and said " you better f-ing make it cause if you don't im going to be so mad at you" lol. Of course I replied with a brave face that I would never know if I didn't. I keep telling him its only skin deep and its not like its near my organs or anything but we all know how serious this is. Its huge!!!!! I wonder if I should take some time and write letters to my kids just incase. Oh I wish my doctor would give me some anti anxiety pills.

I wonder what im going to look like when this all over. Im surprised my muffin top/ mothers apron is still even there after all the lifting ang tugging I have been doing to it lately. It should have been ripped off weeks ago.

I will post some pre op pics before I go under. Im trying to keep my weight at 157. Don't want to do any serious exercising or dieting before the big day. ahhhhhh wish me luck

So I keep thinking that my muff is going to look...

So I keep thinking that my muff is going to look huge when this is all done. I had spoke to my PS about it during my consult but he thinks it will be fine. He said im just used to it sagging and that it will be ok when its lifted but I dunno. I am gonna ask him again I think the morning of the surgery. He did say I could do it if I felt it was necessary but apparently it swells up like a beach ball for a long time. He said something about the lymphatic drainage system and that area but I was to focused on him saying my muff was saggy lol. Never thought of it as saggy before. Now I had a new insecurity lol. But its true. I have major stretch marks going through it and its not as high as it use to be.

Oh and 6 more days!!!! I am so freaking out now. My Hubby can't talk about it. He just says what ever makes you happy and ends the conversation. He is so scared, but so am I. I know im not suppose to do much for six weeks after but I hope I can help out with the kids. We have a little girl who is two, and a baby boy. I should be able to lift my son, right?

On a brighter note this thing can't happen at a better time. I am really starting to hate that fat chunk between my arm and my breasts. That whole fat armpit thing has to go!

God, I really hope I make it. I don't wanna die. My kids are so young. Really need to stop thinking about that. Wish my doctor would have prescribed some anti anxiety drugs to me. I sure could use an altered state of mind right about now. Sleep is impossible. I keep feeling my pouch and thinking about the scar. Thats another thing the scar. I hope its even. Like in a perfect semi circle instead of squiggly line. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I would prefer the semi circle.

Starting to worry about belly buttons now too. Like what if its not centerd or its placed to high. LoL.

Sometimes I wonder if it will even be worth it. This is gonna cost me like 20 G by the time its all over and what if I still can't wear a bikini. What if my body is just so screwed that there is no fixing it. I really want a pretty tummy. Its so hard to imagine after all these years living with this. Its been with me so long.

So has anyone else considered lipoi on the mons pubis or had it done????

Down to 156.8 :)

Ok ladies....This is it. Im at the airport...

Ok ladies....This is it. Im at the airport waiting to catch my flight to the flat side. I have to be to my appointment by 7:15 am tomorrow morning. I still have not picked up any of my supplies for afterwards. My sister is coming with me to care for me during my week away. I guess she has some shopping to do while im under the knife.

It was hard to leave my kids today. My little girl was crying to come with me. I hate to leave her so long. I kept thinking this may be the last time I ever see her. Oh my. I know my baby boy wont notice how long I am gone. I hope everything goes smooth with them while I am away. Poor hubby, he just kissed me and said" please come back to me". This is rough.

I can't beleive it is here. This has been years in the process. Had to wait to finish my family and now the time is here. Wow. I really hope this goes well. I want a flat tummy so bad. Gonna take lots of pics for you ladies. I am suppose to keep my bandags on for a full week without touching them but im gonna ask my nurse if she will take them off tomorrow in recovery so I can get a picture. Im gonna ask them to take pictures of the surgery and what they removed. Hope they dont mind.

So I will update when I can. I am guessing on August 2 if i am not to messed up to write. Take care ladies and wish me luck.

Hey Ladies, Im trying to upload pictures but I...

Hey Ladies,

Im trying to upload pictures but I am having a hard time with it. So everything went well. My surgery was 3.5 hours and a total of 6.6 lbs was removed. Thats from the flap, breast reduction, and lipo. My boobs are so perky right now. They are very nice. Still have not seen my tummy incision. I think I will wait untill I go in for my drain removal before snooping around in the bandages. I am allowed to take my binder of three or four times a day for 15-20 mins.

The nurses could not get over how well I was getting around. So far I do not find the recovery bad. I feel like I was completly ready for this. Laughing kills and coughing is sore. When I was discharged the next moring the other nurses in the clinic thought I was the patient for the day! They were shocked that I had just had a mommy makeover the day before.

The medicine is strong. I am taking two tylenol, 1 gravel, 3mg daulida, and some benedryl when I am itchy. I can add in some ibrouphine today as well. Ice packs feel good.

The surgery itself was scary. I started crying on the table. I will update again soon. Pills are kicking in now. I am getting in and out of bed completly on my own. So far so good.

Today is day four. Its been pretty easy so far. ...

today is day four. Its been pretty easy so far. I don't find it that painful at all. I am a little worried that my doc didnt pull things tight enough because I am having so little discomfort. Im not used to everything going so smooth for me so I am a little bit wary. Don't have much to report today. Very itchy all over. Lots of bruising.

I am hanging out in my binder and sports bra. I just bought a seemless sports bra from walmart in the shapeware department. Im still in awww over my breast. When I take off my sports bra my boobs do not move. Its like magic!

Im sleeping in a bed with pillows behind my back and under my knees. I just roll to the side to get in and out. My sister is actually sleeping in the same bed as me. We are at a friends house.

My stupid drains are driving me. I had a small pin hole in one yesterday. Had to call the clinic to send a new one in a cab. Now I have a small pin hole in the other one. It will not keep negative pressure now. I really hope this doen not cause any set backs.

So to the ladies who have already been through this, when did you peak at your tummy? I can take off my bandages today and place pantyliners around my incision if I want to. I think I am going to wait though untill Tuesday when I get my drains out. Im to afraid to look yet. I dont want to be dissapointed. Im sure I will love my results because I have seen his work on other patients but I don't know how he could get me flat lol.

So I have decided that I want some serious muscle def by next summer. I am still covered with stretch marks so I want some crazy abs to make up for it.

Will check back later, happy healing ladies

Ok so I am not intirely conviced I am flat. My...

Ok so I am not intirely conviced I am flat. My sister says there is no way possible that I will have a muffin top after this but im still pretty thick. I have alot of swelling going on. Plus I didn't poop since the 31st of August up unitll this morning. I was so bloated and could feel my internal suitures being pushed to there limits.

I only have enough pain meds for one more dose. Not that this has been a hrad recovery but I don't believe in being in pain. It sucks because I have a full day of travel coming up in a few days and I am sure I could use something for the trip.

Still having trouble with my drains. But they are suppose to come out Tuesday so I dont mind.

I tried on a bikini today. My boobs sit so nice in the top. And my top just ties around them instead of the desprite attempt to support them. My body is still quite disformed. One side is almost straight while the other is very swollen. I have not seen my belly button yet. Im scared to see it. Think I will wait untill Tuesday before I go snooping around it.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Omg so just had a hard laugh with my sister and...

omg so just had a hard laugh with my sister and thought I ripped my incision open. It felt like someone poured acid over my belly. So not worth the laugh. Will def try to avoid that anytime in the near future. I added new pics this morning but they didn't stay up. It was a bikini shot. Oh and I peeked at my belly button. It looks like a belly button!!!!!!! Very happy.

Oh had the best sponge bath ever. It was so hard...

oh had the best sponge bath ever. It was so hard to scrub off all the glue form the bandages but def worth it. I feel so much better now. It took about an hour of standing and scrubing. Im spent now after that. Def gonna have to go lie down soon.
My belly is super tight today. Cannot stand up straight. Im so thick with swelling. One side is so much larger than the other too. I hope thats from the lipo and that I will be skinny and even when this is all done. I asked my doctor if I would be skinny and he said "you'll be skinny-er "lol".

Wish I had more pain medication. Not that it hurts all the time but I was def more comfy with it.

Not much to say today. Excited about getting my drains out tomorrow. Wanna go bra shopping. Wish I knew what size I am so I could buy some online. Will try to post some pics.

Happy healing ladies

Yay me!!!! No more drains. I went to pee last...

yay me!!!! No more drains. I went to pee last night and pulled them out accidently. They did not come out all the way but far enough that the holes in the tube were exposed. All of a sudden it made this loud sucking noise and then my drain reservoir was full of air. So when I went to my post op nurse appointment this morning they just plucked them out.

She took off all or my dressings today and i seen my tummy scar. Its a semi circle ladies! I have no stitches. My doc used a mesh and glue paint to close my incisions. Very nice.

I am very swollen now. Had to go to my appointment then walked for twenty mins to the bus stop. Caught the bus then walked up a hill for ten mins. Now I am swollen.

Hows all the girls doing?

Hi Ladies, Well everything is going well. I am...

Hi Ladies,

Well everything is going well. I am now 13 days post op and feeling well. I am taking things easy. I am not lifting anything over 5 lbs. I can take off glue/tape tomorrow. Nervous to see my scar.

1) im really thick on my incision, is this just swelling of is it fat?
2) when people talk about their incision opening from infection is there a magic number when your in the clear?
3 when do you regain feeling in your skin?
4) does anyone else really hurt when they laugh? Its only in my incision and it feels like someone is pouring acid deep in me. OMG! My abs hurt of course but that really stings.

Thanks ladies

Hey Ladies, Wow its been almost three months. I...

Hey Ladies,
Wow its been almost three months. I still have alot of swelling. Well I hope its swelling. My results are good but I really wish more would have been taking off. Some days I get upset because I think this is my final results. But then I just have to keep reminding myself that I still have a long road ahead of me. 6 months to a year right!!! I have hard round lumps under my incision for the tt. Waiting for my body to absord possible dead fat, or soften major scar tissue, swelling etc. If its not gone by January gonna take a trip to see my doc and have him cutt it out. It hurts sometimes.

Like my breast! Big difference. Though they were gonna be boxy at first but as the swelling went down they took on a more natural look. Think they are gonna be very beautiful when the scars fade. Even though I was told no upper pole fullness by my doc I was still expecting some lol. Nope, didnt happen. I was wrong.

Flanks are still large, arm pit fat is gone, tummy still sticking off. Please, please, be swelling. Im so going back if this is my final results. I know its a huge improvment but I wanted that flat tummy.

Still very happy with my Doc decesion. To see what he was able to do with my messed up body to now is quite amazing.

Still not down to the 151 mark on the scale. Seen it one day about a week ago. Usually still around my pre op weight of 158. Has to be swelling. Im in the gym everyday, and have a very active job. Eatting good, etc. Even started insanity workout. Will post more in two months after my insanity. Bye ladies, Happy healin!
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