Invisible? No! Efficient? Yes Completely!

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Hi, I am 25 and never wanted to have braces so...

Hi, I am 25 and never wanted to have braces so when I heard about Invisalign I was all excited. BUT they never told me that I would have "attachments" until I ask before you go ahead because the attachments are totally visible and everybody will ask what you have on your teeth... I read a lot about it and I learned that the #1 cause of Invisalign failure is that people don't wear the aligners at least 20 hours a day, so I did (actually I aimed for 22h/day) and after 22 aligners my teeth are completely fixed. I am very satisfied with the results but if it was to do it again, I would go with lingual braces (under the teeth). I also went to an Invisalign Premier Provider, which explains the price, so if you can, really, invest a little more, but go with a good orthodontist...I benchmarked before and I thought I will keep the result all my it was worth it...

Andrew Thompson

Great doctor, he knows his stuff. I saw many dentists before him and you can tell, this guy will identify your problem in a minute and knows exactly what to do about it.

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