Had Radiance (Radiesse) Injected Yesterday!

I was tired of putting frownies on every night...

I was tired of putting frownies on every night because they are such a pain and are very uncomfortable. And they are only a temporary solution.

Went to {edited} MedSpa in Rancho Santa Margarita and had an awesome experience. They were friendly and knew what they were doing.

After the inital swelling has gone down, my face looks at least 10 years younger! I already look young for my age (almost 40), but was tired of the lines around the sides of my mouth I had every morning when I woke up from sleeping on my sides.

I had botox (which is already starting to work) on my forehead, and Radiance fillers put in those ugy folds around my mouth and also had my top lip line filled in since it was smaller than my bottom lip, Wow! What a difference! I can't wait to see how it looks after all the swelling has gone away!

The cost was minimal and the Radiance pre-measured syringe is actually almost twice what you would be using if you select Juvederm (this was my first choice). Basically the cost was the same and I still have some left for touch ups! Plus, Radiance will last so much longer!

I researched for a long time and with the help of my MD at Professional Skin Concepts, we agreed that Radiance would do the job nicely!

Very minimal pain for me, but I have a high threshhold for pain. She used a dental block which numbed the area quite well.

If you are intersted in knowing more ask me!

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