I Had an Outstanding Doctor and I'm Happy with my Surgery

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My suregery was inexpensive compared to a lot of...

My suregery was inexpensive compared to a lot of others. I used my friends doc, I had gone with her to a follow up and met him, I was immediately comfortable with him. I had my TT Aug 14, 2006. I have a bikini cut that you couldn't see even if I wore a bikini. I elected to do the surgery because I have 3 chilren and I was having a really hard time losing weight and I was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2004 so unlike most people I can't take diet supplements or a lot of other things, I was also in the Army and of course meeting weight standards is difficult.

My boss was a nutritionist and she told me that after children a lot of women's muscles tear and it can't be repaired with exercise, I could feel my abs under all the baby fat but I didn't want a six pack under all the fluff. I was at 197 when I had the surgery, he took out 11 pounds and I lost an extra six after about a week and a half. Im at 155 but that's after a year of hitting the gym.

One suggestion to everyone the TT doesn't fix it all, take care of yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it's a wonderful feeling. I want to become a Certified personal trainer, and I don't think I would have had the motivation that I did if I hadn't done the surgery.

West Texas Facial Plastic Surgeon

My doctor had been in the practice since 1976. I did a lot of research on my doctor and I just felt comfortable with him.

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