Had Lipo Yesterday!

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I decided to do lipo on my tummy and flanks...

I decided to do lipo on my tummy and flanks because no matter how much weight i lost those areas never seem to budge. Its not as bad as I thought... It just feels as though you have'nt worked out for a while and then over do it in the gym.

I was talking to the dr throughout most of the procedure and was very comfortable. On the first day I drained a bit of the fluids out and some blood of course, but it was very minimal and I slept most of it out. Today is day two and Im up and about, thinking of even going back to work since there is no lifting etc required for my job. If you have a office type job that doesnt require a lot of standing/ lifting then you can go back to work. I just feel a bit uncomfortable because of the wrap..... its almost as if you have on a cast and so it can get irritating.

Oh also a con was that I rejected my first meal and have to eat very minimal but now in day two im fine and can consume food which gives me more energy (of course im keeping it healthy). I will post my before and after in about a month or so.

New York OB/GYN

Although my doctor is new to lipo (about 2 yrs in I believe) he knows his work very well. The reasonable pricee isnt why I did it although it was awesome. If you are not pleased with something he will be sure to fix it. Not to mention he knows when to stop, thus being safe. My friend did it first and she doesnt look fat but appearently she has a lot of fat inside and he decided to stop after a certain amount which shows he isn't just after money and that he cares. He did it two different times with no extra charge. Some doctors I know would be worried about wastign their time and try to get it done in one shot. This was the main reason why I chose him.

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