Had a Bad Break out During Pregnancy and Chemical Peel Removed the Scars.

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After reading about several people who have had...

After reading about several people who have had chemical peel done on forums like this, i also made up my mind to go for it. I looked at all options i had to make my skin better ( it has some post pregnancy pimple/acne scars, i broke out alot during pregnancy and the scars never went away), and settled for chemical peel. It was a good procedure and left my skin pretty fresh and rejuvinated. The application part took about half an hour, the paper writing, cleansing etc took another half hour and i was done in about an hour and a half i think. The treatment actually does not begin with the application but AFTER the application when you come home. The treatment goes on for the next one week or two, with the skin peeling off and a new skin coming out. I felt itchy and a burning feeling when the glycolic acid was applied. The doctor told me that when the skin peels, the new skin is very sensntive as it is new so i must make sure i apply lots ofsunscreen on my face. I did just that. Still, doe to some peeling that was visible and the redness/pinkishness of my face , it looked like i had a sunburn, which was ok with me. I had the peel done twice, with a gap of 2 months and after the second time, the results were great and my scars and pretty light now. I mean now under slight day makeup, they dont show at all. Not just my scars, but my skin is tighter and better in texture. I also got a face wash and cream from the clinic which was great for my skin and i still use it.

I love that chemical peel has done for my post pregnancy pimple scars. It has been a huge help and i love it.

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