Gynecomastia Surgery, Not Happy 3 Weeks After

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5'8", 155 lbs. Went into surgery to have...

5'8", 155 lbs. Went into surgery to have knots (glands) excised with a little lipo to have good contour. I stated numerous times to the nurses and surgeon that I would much rather have a little to much gland left rather than taking to much out. Now 3 weeks after surgery I have a deformed nipple on one side and a crater behind my nipple on the other. It is not noticable when arms are relaxed at side, however, when I flex pecs or extend/raise my arm you can see the depression easily.

I am extremely disappointed right now and would have much rather dealt with a little excess fat and lump that to be deformed as I am now. Hopefully it will improve with time but not likely. I have no fat left on my chest that could possibly "fill" the hole from where the gland was removed.

Do your homework before you decide to go through with it. I thought me and my surgeon were on the same page and I asked all the right questions but am still left with the horrible result without a good fix.

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