Too Much Money for Too Little Result. -Guntersville, AL

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I have a high tolerance for pain but it felt...

I have a high tolerance for pain but it felt painful during the procedure and 1st day up to the 2nd day. I am on my 6th day now and pretty much the peeling is almost complete. my sideburn areas are still looking bronzed.
I decided to have this done to get rid of dark spots, liver spots or ageing spots however we prefer to call it. But I noticed that the liver spots are still there and the only change I can see is that it became lighter. I am hoping that eventually they all fall out.
That is why I titled my experience "too much money for too little result". I am supposed to have the 2nd procedure done in 4 weeks. That will be around 3 rd week of Sept. I hope that after the procedure that it will really get rid of my liver spots.
I am posting this to give others to really think about the procedure. And give them warning not to expect a lot.
The Skinmedica Maintenance kit cost 500 dollars. Might want to ask for samples first because there is a distinct smell to the products and it is bad. At least that is my experience. I gag everytime I slather it unto my face and neck. I am sorry I did not ask for samples first. So be warned. The procedure cost $1200 for 2 sessions 4 weeks apart.Plus $500 for products for maintenance to a brighter skin and hopefully liver spot free face!
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