Dr Guerrer oSantos Mid Face Lift and Neck Lift Jan 15, 2013 - Guadalajara, Mexico

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Just had this procedure done by Dr. Fernando...

Just had this procedure done by Dr. Fernando GuerreroSantos and it is day 18 afterwards. I read a few reviews about this doctor prior to my final decision and felt he was an excellent choice. So already living in Baja California I hopped on a plane, rented an apartment and went.

I am a expat and I just turned 62 and have noticed sagging facial and neck skin that made me feel old. Not liking the aging process like many of you I decided to turn back the clock. Eight years prior I have my eyes and forehead done by a local surgeon Dr. Jose Zuniga in La Paz, BCS, Mexico who I would of returned to without hesitation if it had not been for a tragic auto wreck that made him retire early. He did a wonderful job to my eyes so I don't feel I need to do anything there just my mid face and neck. I did check other doctors here locally but I did not feel comfortable with them or their skill.

I did my eyelift after getting a divorce. I did a lot of crying and was feeling low so I wanted to do something positive for my self. I also, had the last minute Dr. Zuniga take loose skin off my stomach, as well. Yes, a bikini now. I never liked to wear a bikini before due to the sagging skin folds from child birthing. I am very athletic and I am in great shape for a women my age. All this made me feel 29 again so another reason I am doing this again. Well on with the most resent experience.

Jan 16 8am surgery went well about 4 hours then back to the room to rest sitting up. I spent the night again in the hospital so 2 nights total there.

Jan 17- Dr came late AM to take off wrapping, check and put on new bandaging. I had a blood vessel pop on my right ear that he had to stop but no big deal then I was demised to return to my apt. This time I had Jose who Dr. G recommended take me to my apt. So how do I feel? Very little swelling but stiff. My mouth did not want to open much so chewing food was difficult. Could not see bruising where the wrap was not. But I started drinking Arnica tea one week prior along with vit. C which I read would help the swelling then I started taking vit K which I read will help the brusing. Plus I started icing the area day 1 after the surgery. I searched the internet How to prevent swelling and bruising after a facelift that gave me many ideas.

Jan 18= 48 hours I started noticing some bruising near my chin not bad a little near cheeks. Still icing, sitting up and taking my vit, and arnica. Not getting good sleep, yet. No in pain just stiff so I am not taking pain pills but just at night.

Jan 19th-72 hours well the bruise is a little darker but not bad, swelling not bad and I feel real good. I read the first 72 hours is worse for bruising and swelling so that made me feel good.

Jan 20th- Go to see Dr G to remove wrap. Everything looks good except my right ear looks black. He said it would go away. Swelling and bruising about the same except for a little bruising on my neck but so light I don't notice. Day 5 after my FL and now I can lay down some sleeping and wash my hair. He gave me a head wrap to wear instead of the bandages.

Jan. 21-22 Bruising and swelling mostly unchanged still icing a little but not as much as first 72 hours. Still taking arinca tea, vit c and vit k and trying not to lay flat. I am now able to eat a little better not as stiff in the jaw. My ear color is starting to return.

Jan 23- one week Went to see Dr. G to check me and take out stitches under my chin and in front of my ear but not behind. I feel very good but still stiff. I still need to wear the head wrap but I can take it off some of the time. It helps to support my face and neck. Velcro so easy to take off and on. He really liked how my neck turned out. He said he took about one inch of skin from each side of my face. The stitches were above the ear at hairline and below ear then around the back of ear and down a little into my neck hair line. No stitches in front of the ear as he cuts inside the ear and does not stitch.

Jan 24-27- Finally laying almost flat to sleep and enjoying it. I am getting out of the apt. and checking out Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque and had a great shopping spree at Tonala the largest craft market every Thursday and Sunday. Not to be missed.

Jan 28th Day 12 and ready to leave but saw Dr G for last time to take out stitches behind my ears. Everything looks great hardly any swelling, brusing almost gone, still a little stiff, my ear is normal color and ready to go home in the early morning.

Jan 29th Taxi to the airport, no make up needed I look pretty good. Arrive to La Paz and my friend picks me up and says I look great. No one really notices I had a face lift as my hair covers the stitched area and my bruises are so light not noticeable and very little swelling.

Feb 2- day 17 I feel my face relaxing around my cheeks and now I am starting to get a little smile line. I am still a little swollen closer to my hairline and neck but not noticeable by others. My stitches area still have a little crusting to come off and I put neosporin on it to soften. I read to use that. I am to wear the head wrap about 8 hours each day for the first month or two more weeks. So far I am happy and only time will tell how satisfy I am. But right now I can't imagine not being totally satisfied unless the stiffness never leaves. I read to give in 6 months until you feel completely normal again. I will report back and let you know. OK for my costs;
Dr. G with hospital= $2,700
Hospital EKG/exam=$95
Drugs- $65
Transportation $80
Apt 2 weeks $275
Air from La Paz $100

So about $3,300 total costs not counting my shopping spree and other things I did

Update March 18th 2 months later. I am doing...

update March 18th 2 months later.
I am doing well still feel numbness in both my face and neck but the stiffness is starting to disappear. My scars are looking good. I get lots of compliments from my friends that know that I had this done. They say how natural it looks and how young I look. So far I am very pleased and am now planning on a return to have the sagging skin under my arms taken away.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. G has a wonderful, caring personality. He is a very busy surgeon having many surgeries each week of various types. He has two offices with one a the hospital he uses. I arrived and taxied to my Apt. in Tlaqueparque and stocked up for 2 weeks of food then caught a taxi to Dr. G's office at the hospital. I had all my blood work complete before I left but needed an EKG and final check prior to the surgery. Dr. G set me up so I could have those in the hospital which he was to admit me that night. Before he gave me a prescription to fill and a Walmart was next to the hospital so I went there to fill it, Cheaper. I then checked into the hospital around 5pm the day I arrived for surgery scheduled at 8am the next morning. Wow, what a luxury hospital, private room, cable, high speed internet, couch for another person to sleep, comfortable reclining chair and of course the hospital bed. I felt like a queen and this was nicer than any hospital I had seen in the states. Someone said it was just about 3 years old. I knew at that time I would be very comfortable. The EKG Dr came in and that went well and all the way first class service there.

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