Breast Implant Revision/ Liposuction/fat Transfer to Butt - Mexico, MX

I had my breast done back in 2013 with saline...

I had my breast done back in 2013 with saline implants and periareolar lift. They were left uneven, the scar around my nipple stretched out and never completely faded and i could feel the implants ripples all aroud my breast. I am so disappointed and wasted so much money! I decided to look into Mexico since it is very affordable and has amazing doctors.While vacationing in Guadalajara, Mex, I had a consultation with Dr Rodoflo Becerra Castaneda in Guadalajara Mexico. He was recommended by my bf friend wife who live in that area and has had work done. She said he was one of the best in the city. He was kind and very informative and suggested what would be best for me. Much more helpful than my previous doctor. He would give me a better lift that would involve the lollipop lift and silicone implants. I also looked into Liposuction and fat transfer to the butt or hips. I am very boxy looking so I am desperate need of some curves! lol He said i have a nice bottom but would make me curvier without the exaggerated look, which is what I want!

I have not scheduled a date with him yet but he said when I am ready I can have my blood work done in the States in a month or less prior to the surgery date. I also want to meet with him a day or 2 before to make sure he knows what I want and if I have any changes. Very nervous about it. Still trying to figure things out since I have a 1 year old and a 7 year old almost back in school. But hopefully I will have it done by the end of this year!

Very embarrassed but I will post pics of what my breast and body look like now and a few wish pics as well

My body now

I should also mention I am 30 years old with 2 children. Here are few pictures of my breast and body. Very depressing :(

Some wish pics I found online

Considering Surgery in Tijuana

I am now considering surgery in Tijuana. It is only a couple hours away from where I live and I figure the cost would be almost the same. My uncle lives in GDL so I would be saving on a place to stay for the week while I recover but I would have to purchase flight for myself and my mom since she would help take care of me just like when I had my 1st procedure. In Tijuana I could drive down there and spend money on staying at the recovery house.
I messaged Dr Pantoja on Monday but I haven't heard back from him. I messaged Dr Cardenas with a virtual consultation today hopefully to get a quote on the surgery and for her recovery house. She has such great reviews and results and seems like everyone is happy with her and her care. I am hoping to get something scheduled towards the end of October or sometime in November.
My main focus on my procedures is revising my breast and lipo on my flanks, stomach and back. I guess I can live without bigger hips and a bigger butt as long as I have a tiny waist. But it all depends on what Dr Cardenas quotes me as well if iIl even consider getting everything done. I am currently looking into other doctors like Campos and Castaneda in case I do not hear from Dr. Cardenas. So far Castaneda looks like he does amazing work too. We shall see!

What are your thoughts on any of the doctors I mentioned? Would love to know!


Due to unexpected circumstances. I will have to postpone my surgery to probably next year. The good thing is that I have not scheduled anything yet.

Dr. Rodolfo Becerra Castaneda

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