Lots of Tattoos, This Hurt the Most - Gresham, OR

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My sister-in-law did this and swore up and down...

My sister-in-law did this and swore up and down that she loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat, It seemed like a good-plan, time saving and all, so I went to get it done- upper eye-lid only- thinking, "This is great, it will save me time in the mornings etc etc." I had a groupon for 199$

OMFG! First of all, the second I walked in the door, they asked for the "tip" up front- an additional 75$. Then they put the "numbing" topical on me for about 20 minutes while they went on with their day and forgot about me. I was trying to be a good sport, reminding myslef that my SIL loved hers but HOLY CRAP! It hurt like the Devil was laughing at me. I have a mess of tattoos in some very uncomfortable places, I took martial arts for 5 years and regularly got thumped in class. Now I take acrobatics and regularly sustain bruises and friction burns... and this was BY FAR the most painful experience I have EVER had to date. What's more, the basically said that I would have to come back for touch-ups in 4 weeks (at regular price) and then have it re-done evey two years or it would just fade away completely.

I thought, "Screw it, I'll just put on eyeliner." which, incidentally, I have to do pretty much every day anyway... complete waste of money and time.

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