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I am 38 and a year ago I received 400 cc silicone...

I am 38 and a year ago I received 400 cc silicone implants under the muscle. I started out a small A and became a 32 DD. From the beginning I thought that they were too big and regretted my decision. My clothes did not the way I liked and I was embarrassed by all the cleavage. Spend $5000 on the procedure, I was willing to live with the decision; but i have had problems with my muscles and tingling in my fingers, it is not consistent but it still persists.I have always been active and but now after I workout my chest and shoulder muscles become so sore that I can barely lift my arms the next day!

Being unhappy with the size AND the issues with pain and tingling, made me finally decided that I wanted them removed so I made an appointment for a consultation. That is when the anxiety and vanity issues set in!! I am SO worried about the outcome! Though I am not pleased with the size, they look better than they did before. I am willing to go back to my natural self but I am scared they will look worse that before :(

This is where I need advice.... I have little breast tissue and my breasts did not hang (the cute little pout at the bottom). I will be glad for the huge amount of cleavage I have to go away but I will miss my "pout" and was wondering if anyone who looked similar to my before pic kept the pout or did your breast just go back to more or less the same shape as before? Also, if I go through the removal, is it possible to be able to wear a bikini at a minimum of 6 weeks after the procedure and my breasts not look a mess? Finally, before BA, I would wear push up bras to give my breasts the look of fullness and to have a bit of cleavage when the outfit called for it. After removal, and remember I have little breast tissue, will push up bras still help you to achieve a bit cleavage even after the skin and muscle have been stretched?

Any advice and encourage from those who "have been there" would be greatly appreciated to calm my fears.

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