Wish I'd Never Had Them in the First Place! - Greenville, SC

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I got implants when I was 22 years old. I thought...

I got implants when I was 22 years old. I thought I had a lousy figure but looking back, i was lovely, just very small breasted (AA). Got saline implants, size C cup. Must admit I enjoyed them in Some ways--filling out clothes and bathing suits--but never felt at ease naked. There was some discomfort, they were too firm and I tended to hunch my shoulders forward so they would seem softer, leading to bad posture. 17 years later, after twins and breastfeeding (I did not have enough milk--a common result of implants), I started getting infections in my right breast after exercizing or lifting heavy objects. MRI showed nothing but decided to have them out. Two years now and no infections and I am more comfortable but I have been left basically with empty sacks. There is no bra that fits me and I feel as though I have lost my mojo. Still, I am glad they are out for health reasons but if you were very small before, expect a long period of mourning.

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