Internal Breast Infection Gone Bad - Greenville, NC

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I had a deflated saline implant on left side...

I had a deflated saline implant on left side replaced 12-12-13 with two new memory gel implants. Its now 2-19 and I’m still battling with a major internal infection on my right side. My right side never felt right two days after surgery and during my swelling period it was harder and more painful than the left side. I was given antibiotics at surgery and a pill form after. At two weeks when the bandages were removed you could clearly see there was a large amount of bruising on my right inner side of my breast (the hard spot). I was given another round of antibiotics and told to start massaging and lay on it , the breast softened a bit but was still very hard compared to the left side which at 4 weeks felt like mash potatoes. The right side felt like I had a deflated implant rolled up at the bottom of my breast close to the incision area (not the side that deflated-left) that was protruding out the inner side and up to nipple area. If you could imagine a saline ripple that’s what the middle inner front to nipple side of breast looked like.

My doctor saw it again at 6 weeks and said I’m to skinny 121 lbs and that’s why we can see the implant. I had unders saline he recommended overs with the gel… 4 days off the antibiotics since my surgery my right bad breast swelled turned hard and bright red at the inner bad side, my breast looks rather square at bottom corner. I ended up back at my Drs. Office and on I.V. antibiotics and another round of higher dose oral antibiotics and here 5 days later no change except the redness has gone down by 50%. Dr. doesnt want to take it out I'm terrified it needs to be removed but i dont want to walk around for 6 months with a DD and a AA . Should I get a second opinion?

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