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I am rating Latisse not worth it - not because it...

I am rating Latisse not worth it - not because it didn't work, but because to me the results don't warrant the cost.

I tried it for a couple of months, and it did make my lashes grow.  I noticed a difference about 7 or 8 weeks into using it twice a day.  I was already on to my second bottle.  My lashes did grow, but they just grew in length - they didn't get any thicker.  So basically I looked like I had Daddy Longlegs growing out of my eyes.  And I still needed to use mascara every day, which I was hoping I could stop.  Also I have dry eye and use eye drops frequently, so it was a little inconvenient trying to make sure I didn't use the drops too close to the Latisse.

So anyway I stopped using it and didn't even finish the second bottle, and pretty quickly my eyelashes went back to their normal short stubby length!  I'm glad I tried it, but for me it wasn't worth the money.

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