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I have had four botox visits in the past year and...

I have had four botox visits in the past year and a half, doing so when afforable and properly timed. I've gotten accustomed to the length of time it works for me and I am fortunate to have been treated by the same professional each time, who is keeping good track of my visits and what areas may be addressed to maintain the best effects; while helping to be as cost-effective as possible. The most I have spent in one visit was my first, $425, for the forehead and middle brow areas. I am uncertain as to the amount of units used each time, though recommended maintenance has been around $250 on each visit. I had very very strong wrinkles in my forehead and rather deep lines in the middle brow, both of which are so much better now.

The main thing I'd like to express is that if you visit a reasonable, experienced professional (whether it be physician or an aesthetic nurse, you can most often expect good results. Look up staff reviews online, and create a profile on the manufacturer's website for rewards points. I was able to print a $25 coupon for product the day of the appointment, and accrued new points that same day.

Botox is like anything else, if used properly by an EXPERIENCED person, then one can expect good results.

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