Minimal Effect - Might Be Worth It if It Wasn't So Expensive!

Opted to try the green peel after my esthetician...

Opted to try the green peel after my esthetician said she saw significant results after just 1 treatment. I have oily, acne prone skin with hyper-pigmentation and light scarring from past blemishes.

The treatment was definitely uncomfortable, but it wasn't anything near unbearable. My face was red for the next 5-6 days, enough so that I didn't go to work but I had anticipated needing to take some days off.

My skin peeled, but I definitely expected more. Overall, I noticed a very small improvement in the redness, but little else. I'd say it might be worth it if it wasn't so expensive! The treatment was $225 but you're required to buy $150 worth of products, which are clearly overpriced.

One thing that may have lessened the effectiveness of the treatment is that I had 4 treatments of micro-dermabrasion in the 8 weeks prior to the green peel. However, even with all treatments combined, my skin green peels, I would get the results I'm looking for, but this treatment is cost-prohibitive for me.

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