Unknown Permanent Filler Injected in Lips - Could Past Mistakes Affect Our Lives Forever?

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Hi,i am 32 years old and in 1997 a greek...

hi,i am 32 years old and in 1997 a greek aesthisian injected me 6 injections of an unknown filler in my lips.i was too young and i trusted her by telling me that it was a harmless filler that it would have gone in 6 months.she was a criminal.in greece there was a huge scandal with 150 injected women having serious complications(many of them had mastectomy,yes she had done them even in their breasts).

now i have a hard yellow mass under my lips of course i look like a fish and the lips have started changing(more uneven and lumpy).

i have gone to many doctors.they all say to me that they cannot do anything about my situation.i must live with it and wait for the worst to come.i am living a nightmare.last year i started to have a stabbing pain on them.i am very scared and afraid of my future.can anyone help me?anyone who has experienced the same with me?the only thing that i know for the filler is that it is a colorless oil.they cannot traced it.and the aesthisian has died of cancer to ask her....

is there any treatment for unknown permanent filler in lips?