Great Chemical Peel Results if Combined with a Face Lift - San Francisco, CA

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I had a face lift before getting a chemical peel,...

I had a face lift before getting a chemical peel, so i can't say how well it exactly works. The combination of both a face lift and chemical peel can be excellent though.I am very happy with my results, that is for sure.

I went in for an AHA peel, the result of which showed very quickly. It took 20 minutes for the doctor to get done with the treatment and a few days after that for my skin to recover and a new skin to appear.The pain was somewhat like what you feel if you apply a very strong bleaching cream on your face. It stings, burns and you feel like scratching and removing the chemical right away.

Like a bleaching cream effect, the pain starts to wear off after a few minutes. After that there was no pain at all. I went home and was able to resume normal activities and go to work the next day. My face surely was red and flaky for some days but without any discomfort or pain.

I have heard stories about women looking like they have been stung by bees on their face, but luckily i did not swell up like that. The doctor also told me to be very regular with sun block with UVA  and UVB , which i am still using regularly ( i got the peel done in november 2006).

I really feel that if you are getting a chemical peel done more for wrinkles than for scars, try combining it with a face lift. The results are much better.
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