A Great Liposuction Experience

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Liposuction is powerful. I have just had it done...

Liposuction is powerful. I have just had it done last year and it is really powerful and frees you off your weight within a day. I have always been overweight but i am not obese. So when i decided to go for this surgery, i knew that what i was in for. I knew that the best way to remain thin afterwards would be to aviod gaining weight, maintain a good healthy lifestyle and stay away from sodas and chips. I know it is not a permanent solution and not a definite answer, but it helps us lose initial weight and later, it is completely our responsibility to make sure that we don;t gain those pounds back again. After 3 girls and at the age of 40, i was probably a good candidate.  The surgery went on for a few hours where i was sedated. I mainly needed the fat on my hips and thighs removed. I was given an iv also. I got pain medication for the next few days and the swelling stayed for 2 and a half weeks. The doc told me to wear elastic garments during this time to help shrinkage and i wore it for a month almost. The swelling did not completely go away that this time and took a few weeks, but i looked ok in 2 weeks. The doc also gave me some excersices after 2 weeks which helped alot. I was told to watch out for a sun burn as my skin might be sensitive and so i used sunscreen and stayed away from the sun. The scars stayed a while and reminded me of my appendix surgery. If you have had one, you will know that surgery scars take a while to go, specialy the incision part. I felt numb on those areas for a while.

After a few weeks, i noticed the changes in my body and i had a shape. I love the way i look now. I have a waistline, which i never had before and my body looks well structured. I am very happy with liposuction. The cost has been worth it.

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