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8 Dec 2016

Updated, 1 day ago

Decent Surgeon - Boonton, NJ

Dr. Tobias did a closed rhinoplasty last year on me, and the first few months, my nose looked great. Shortly after, I formed an olive-sized lump on the inside of my nose and went to see him multiple times where he reassured me that everything would be ok. A year passed by and the lump became more prominent. He was more than willing to revise that area. I got a revision surgery a month ago to fix the lump and the lump is still there and looks and feels as if it weren't touched. I am disappointed to say the least because I wouldn't have gotten a revision surgery if I had known that nothing would change. Yes, he did an incredible job on fixing my side profile and it is nearly flawless, and yes, my nose looks 100% natural, but this lump makes me very self-conscious as it is noticeable. At this point, I am going to leave it as is until I find another surgeon to fix the issue.