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Great Rhinoplasty Experience


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20 Nov 2016

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Great Rhinoplasty Experience

I had a rhinoplasty about a month ago and, just as other reviews state, Dr. Nyame is wonderful to work with. I was hesitant about the procedure because I wanted very subtle results, and the other doctors I had consulted seemed to have a more drastic vision for the outcome. My initial meeting with Dr. Nyame reassured me that I was calling the shots, and from then on out Dr. Nyame continued to listen to what I wanted out of the procedure and I always felt confident we were on the same page. I am very pleased with the results and my recovery has been pretty seamless. Dr. Nyame did exactly what I asked for, and better than I could have envisioned it. While there are less reviews of rhinoplasty than other procedures on Dr. Nyame's profile, I highly recommend him for this procedure. Not only is he a great person and listener, but also a skilled and experienced surgeon.