Great Results but Not Great Enough

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I had laser hair removal on my underarms, lower...

I had laser hair removal on my underarms, lower legs, bikini area and upper lip. I did it because I hate shaving.

I went to two different locations that had different laser machines. One was extremely painful, the other barely hurt at all. So, my advice--ask them to apply the laser to the area right above one of your ankles (this hurts the most--more than bikini area if you can believe it) and see if you can stand the pain.

Also, I noticed after a few treatments that the skin above my upper lip was darkening. I think this was because the laser treatments made my skin more sensitive to sun. I stopped the upper lip treatments immediately but a year later my skin is still darker there and I haven't discovered how to lighten it.

So, overall, the results were great, but new hair keeps growing. The results are not permanent and will not last you the rest of your life. But it will get rid of your hair to the point where you can go a week or so without shaving.

Sona Medspa

The nurses were great but the front desk personnel were completely inefficient and screwed up my appointments more than once. Also, the machines at one of the locations were extremely painful--the other location has since closed.

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