Smart Lipo is Painful!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my...

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my experience. I had my smartlipo done on Thursday, which was 5 days ago. I had my upper arms,stomach,inner and outer thighs done.

I didnt want to spend $850 on general anesthesia so I did it with local. I am begging everyone who is thinking of doing it to please do general anestesia! I have never EVER felt so much pain in my life. I did go to a board certified plastic surgeon. Now I can deal with pain very well (i have 14 tattoes). I was actually begging them to stop. The laser and lipo didnt hurt at all. It was when they pump your body with lidocain (numbing liquid) that was excruciating! First they inject you with this HUGE needle, then they put this giant wand all the way in you and start pumping in the lidocain. I felt every inch of the wand going in! It was about a foot long. And it goes in many times!!! My thighs were the worst! I was actually screaming. Thank god its over!

I shouldve done the procedure in the winter cause you can hide the bruises and the body suit keeps you warm. Its 80 degrees out and i have to wear long sleeves.

I have noticed a huge difference in my arms already but im still swollen. My thighs and stomach I dont know yet because the swelling is slot more in those areas. I couldnt sleep the 1st 2 nights because of the pain. The vicodin the dr gave me, made me throw up so I had to deal with the pain. Peeing was the worst! I couldnt sit on the toilet! Now Im feeling alot better, I can walk normally. Sitting and bending over still hurts. Thank god I stayed home for 5 days to recover.

Also please have someone with you to take care of you after. I was all alone and it was so hard. I couldnt pick anything up if I dropped something and it was so hard getting dressed. I cant wait to see the results! Bikini here I come!

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