Gravity Strikes Again! Great Neck, NY

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Im getting up there in age, but I still care about...

Im getting up there in age, but I still care about how I look. And this banding under the neck isn't pretty. And the whole jawline has lost its definition. I know we're suppose to age gracefully, but the truth of the matter no one does. Age can be hard to take on anyone. I have excepted my wrinkles, but that neck area I don't like at all. I tried to nab this thing in the butt when I was 48. And I got it just in time, when gravity was just starting to show in my face.
But as I look in the mirror, I see the wrinkle smiles, I like them, but the neck/jawline thank you. Not If I can do something about it!! I probably could go for a whole face lift, but I think my eyes and forehead are fine. When woman get into another whole face lift, I see tight mouth areas. I would love if my mouth didn't turn down so much. But maybe there's hope with the mini lift to get rid of the little bit of jowl going on. No one wants to look sad.
I've been preparing all this week. Because I just actually decided to go forward. My PS was talking a full face lift, but I just think I'll be happy with the mini and happier with less of a bill!! I'm no stranger to the elective surgery, so I know how to prepare. But my anxieties are still pretty high. It's always a risk. I'm in very good health. And have had all my pre surgery testing done. I have an echocardiogram every year, my mammograms, paps, eye exams, dentists. All that good stuff we tend to in our household. I had my pre-surgical at the hospital done 2 days ago. That's where they get all your health history, all your Doctor's names, numbers, all prescription medications and even any supplements you take. They don't want you taking any thing that thins the blood, it will make more bleeding. So since I take vit. E, and Ibuprofen sometimes, I stopped them over a week ago. I still have to see my Primary for just a physical and he has to fax over a consent form to the hospital. I had my ekg and echocardiogram 2 months ago. So I'm set there. The Hospital took blood for testing. I'm pretty much set except for groceries. I won't be going out for a while.

Before photos?

Before photos without make up

Can't sleep and have to get up early tomorrow!!!

I WAS tired when I went to bed, and dozed off, then I'm wide awake again. I did enough around here today, I should be exhausted!! Thinking, will I get to see my PS tomorrow??? I know he is there on Monday but only until 11:30, then he has surgeries. I have to call 1st thing at 9 when they open. I have to see him and find out what I will actually have done. A mini lift, is not going to cut it!!! I need lower face lift and neck lift. With Lipo to chin and jowl and fat transfer. I've done my research, let's see if he thinks on the same lines. I've pre paid him, I'm sure there's going to be more. It will be up in the $12's!! Then I had to prepay my hospital facility bill, that was $1,300. And last the annethesioligist. I'm going General Annestisia. I don't usually have any problems with it, except I'm exhausted and can't urinate. But last time 2 nurses kept dragging me to this toilet, and I couldn't go for 4 hrs.!!! Then they gave up and took me to a room. Finally I went, when no one was pressuring me. I guess they changed all that, I was told I'd be taken to the 3rd. Floor in the room I started out in. Good they improved their system!!
I got a lot on my mind, my husband came down with severe sciatica pain in both legs about a month ago. Then he just got worse like a week ago. His neurologist gave him tests and the nerve in one leg is being compromised. He was put on a higher dose of Lyrica 3 days ago. But I've been waiting on him hand and foot. This never happens...well not in 15 yrs. it hasn't, it took him a good 2 weeks in bed to get better. So it's been pretty tough trying to get everything settled for this Thurs. surgery. He's using a Walker now, it was a cane for 2 weeks. So he drags that thing around like no body's business!!! It's noisy and clammity!!! When he does get up! We have to laugh at ourselves!!! We always told each other we would get old and have walkers and paint red flames on it!! I'm not worried about myself, well except for the first day, I will be out of it!! But with him downstairs...with that Walker trying to get around? Oh boy, let the games begin!!!

Change in Plan: Now I'm doing a lower Face Lift!!!!

Trusting my PS now and my own instinct. Not doing the mini. I was extremely worried about that very tight mouth. But if you look at my before photos, I need some help turning that mouth up a tad, getting those gowls done and of course that neck!! I don't want to go under the knife and half way address my problems. And this is it...I will not ever do this again. So let's get it right. It's going to be longer of a surgery. He thinks 4 hrs. That frightens me. But I am a healthy woman, I work out regularly. And trying to get my weight at the right place. This could help me. It's always a risk and I know this. But I was once told that you got to put your trust in the medical field. I've been so busy with my husband and handling most everything in the past 10 days, I have not had time to get too nervous. I'm in bed now and it's dinner time. My eyes sting like crazy when I don't get my sleep and my back is tight. Lugging groceries and driving around today to appointments. My remainder of bill is paid on my PS. So tomorrow's another day out. Need more groceries. Because hubs is not going to be able to get out and about by himself. But he's going to be fine. I always take care of my baby. But I miss his help around the house!!!
I have to keep in mind foods I can grab that are healthy with out cooking. So I need some frozen dishes for maybe 4 days or we will order out. We will be fine!!! I'll say my prayers!!!

Crazy Day, everything went wrong!! Is this an Omen?

Here's how it started: First thing I do is come down stairs this morning and my Hubs says you overdrafted for bank acct.!!! Haven't even had a cup of coffee yet. I look at my acct. and I wrote a check to my PS out of the wrong checkbook!!! Holy cr*p!!! I'm calling my bank and can't get a real person on the phone for 45 min. Then I give up and call my the bank in my village of Great Neck and speak with the manager of the bank she tells me to come in and we'll make a deposit with a check from the check book I was to use for my PS. Those Plastic Surgeons want that money way in advance!!!! I'm panicking because it's going to bounce!! I never bounce checks...never!! So we pay the remainder to my PS out of my Hub's Credit Card at my PS's office. So then I have to Fax all my last minute release forms and the new procedure of full lower FL. and not the Mini 10 pages. Then off to the races after breakfast and to the bank. It's bounced and I will have a late fee!!!. Who cares!! As long as I can put the check in for deposit only in my acct. then write a check to my Hubs because he doesn't pay for this kind of thing, I do!! Then off to the grocery store to stock up for 2 weeks, because I'm not going anywhere looking like that!! Now I have to get all prepared foods..yuck. Because he's laid up with sciatica..and walkers, you think we were 80! This just started this sciatica and he's bad off like 15 yrs. ago!! Now he's on a steroid for the inflammation. So I'm doing all the shopping and lugging bags by myself. He can't do anything, he's just driving me. Thankfully because I'm a wreck!! So I'm finally ready to prepare my bedroom with somewhat healthy snacks to eat and drink my survival food, because he can't be coming up & down the stairs in his condition!! Then while I get upstairs, He yells up to me what's wrong with the microwave!!! ??? It's dead. All of the sudden our microwave died and All the food I got is so he doesn't have to cook, he moves too slow now, but now the microwave decided to just die tonight!! Every meal I got was frozen microwave food!!! I don't want him burning the house down while I'm upstairs recovering!!! Aaaaah!!! That's a scream!!! So he had to order a new microwave tonight. And a walker..with a seat!!! Because this one was his Moms, it not very good. Ok then I took all the trash out broke up boxes and set it out by the curb. Then I have a bath. Come down open my mail from my financial adviser and she shorted me $1,000. 00 selling my stock...I'm like wtf? I don't want to borrow against the margin, I call ahead and make it liquid and she messed it up a thousand. And I look on my calandra and there is the amount $9000,00, I wrote and she only sells $8,000.!!! And I just deposited that check???? I tell you I was fit to be tied!! Is this an Omen? I think all sorts of crazy thoughts, like maybe I shouldn't be doing this, is Someone Up there telling me something? End of story. I'm saying prayers.

7:30 Surgery Scheduled today.

Today's my day. Its almost 4:00am. I have to shower. But I washed and blew dry my hair last night. So that part is out of the way. No make up, no problem!! I am to arrive at this Hospital at 5:30am. 2 hrs. early. Go to Lobby, ask for someone to come and get a wheelchair and get my Husband, my driver. He's to bring his Walker. They said he can go up to the 3rd. floor with me, while they get me ready. And they will get him snacks, or anything he needs. Then when surgery is done, my Dr. notifies him by phone and they bring me back up to 3rd. floor room. Then most likely I'll have to pee, before I get the ok to leave. And for some reason it doesn't come easy after General Anesthesia. Then if all is well I go HOME!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!

Home and resting!!!!

So glad that part is over. I'm all bandaged up around the head. I brought I scarf to cover the mummy look. There was one young woman visiting the Hospital on my way out, that looked, then looked again and again and again, with a smirk. Sometimes I can't believe people. Staring is so rude. If I see something like that I don't go out of my way and stare. Well anyway, I was sure in pain when the nurses and my Dr. We're trying to wake me, I could barley speak, my through hurt at the time, I was trying to focus and everything was blurry still. Trying to tell them I had a horrible headache!!!! It was awful!!! They gave me something through my IV. Right now I'm still headachy, like a pressure and my ears hurt. I've been home sitting up in bed for 4 hrs. maybe?? I don't know about anyone else with General Annestisia but I sure am miserable. I don't like that, I mean Miserable!! Of course I have been even before. It was like I blew a gasket. I don't like being that way. But I guess you'll get like that if your sleep deprived and things were getting a little nutty around here. A lot of stress. I should of cancelled, because of my husband's condition. But I am trying to fend for myself here in my room. I even set up pineapple juice in a big thermal jugs with ice before we left. All I want is cold things to eat, so soothing!! I have single servings of jello with fruit, fruit cocktail, whole wheat crackers with peanut butter or cheese. Dried prunes. Lots of bottles of water with bending straws. I don't want to bother him. I just need him to page me when it's time to take my antibiotic and pain killer. You really need to get ahead of the game before that pain starts, at least for a couple of days. Tomorrow I see my PS to get head wrap off, hope this horrible headache diminishes somewhat. 11:00 am. appt.
Of all things my husband forgot his cell phone for the Hospital. He's really very anal kind of guy, I guess he was a little out of sorts. He never forgets that thing!!! Such an important time to have it, when the Dr calls!!?!!! He'll turn around if I've forgot mine when we just go to a store. Lol!!!

Trying to drink a lot to get rid of The Annestisia, and I have to keep urinating. Great to be on the other side. I think this time this FL is going to take a while before it heals!!! It took me one month and I was healed and I had a endoscopic brow lift with lower face lift at the age of 48! Vanity, vanity, vanity....oh who are we kidding we all have a tad of it.

Pain was not too much.

I went to see PS today. I looked pretty good then, just bruising on neck. He said I'm going to be beautiful and look 30!! Lol!! If I do, I won't feel 30, I'm 63 and have cellulite legs and get very stiff in the back. I used a cane to go up to see him, just to steady myself because I had a Percocet. But I was good. My husband drove me but, he's not going to be any service to me when he's using a walker. He stayed in the car. It would be like the blind leading the blind!!! My Pas told me to stop the antibiotics. He always does that but I don't usually see him the following day. I had breast lift last year. Don't worry about pain, it's there, more like ear pain because he cut there. Neck is tight. Right now I have swelling in my face more just in the past hour. I took Tylenol PM after I cleaned up around the kitchen a little. Not much to clean. I was well prepared. Probably why I was such a Bitch before surgery. Lol!! I really had to knock myself out here to get things prepared for myself and my husband. I'm use to his help. I had my shower, he gave me the ok, had to wash that blood out of my hair. I wet the hair then put conditioner on it to ease out the dried blood, the washed with shampoo. I have a Hibiclens to wash around incision areas.and staples behind ears and upper side burns. It's a Antiseptic/Antimicrobial skin cleanser, in a turquoise plastic bottle. I used showered with it before my surgery, they say use Dial. I like this better. Then I went up to bed and fell asleep for 2, hrs. from the Tylenol PM I had took. Well I'm closing I feel pain and it's like a sinus pressure. I'm back to taking Percocet. Every 4 hrs for at least 2/3 days I need the Percocet. Don't wait, try to take it before it gets worse.
So pretty much taking care of myself. He did make some brown rice. I bought deli roast beef and it's hard to chew a sandwich. So I asked him just to boil me up some rice and shred the beef in it. Eww, I came down and he was eating it too? So i said who in their right mind would eat that unless they had to! I have to have something substantial because of pain medications. In fact I think I need it now Face feels swollen and bruised more. Well anyway, I made him a Roast Beef Sandwhich, mayo, Tomatoe and cheese on bakery wheat bread.
Make sure you have soft foods to eat, after a Face Lift or neck lift. It's hard to get the spoon in your mouth with the head wrap on..then now I have a chin wrap on. I took the Hospital one off and wrapped myself up before I went to see Dr. I had roll up gauze here...tons of gauze pads, clear rip off tape. I prepare!!! I wanted the big heavy thing off!! It was bloody..not bad, just gross.

The face and neck wrap can be uncomfortable

I wore the wrap through the whole day yesterday and slept in it. It keeps the swelling down. It is off for a breather now. I'll give myself 15 min. I put Neosporin antibiotic ointment on incisions. Under the chin, behind and in the ear..yes he put my incisions in the ear, the old outside ones are gone!! I still have stapes though in between the hairline to the back of the ear kind of at a slant across. Those scars are hard to hide, when your hair is up. And more staples above at the temples. So I'm pulled tight!! For bruising I put Arnica gel on my face..mostly cheeks and neck is really bruised up. I also am still taking my Arnica Montana 30X orally 5 times a day. I ordered them through Amazon. They're little tiny pellets you dissolve under your tongue. I took them 5 days before surgery, given to me by my PS. Just a small pack of them. He gave me the head wrap too yesterday.

A list of must haves before a face lift

Hibitclens or Dial antibiotic soap when washing stitched areas or staples, be very light to the area, don't rub.
Arnica Montana 30X pellets for swelling and bruising
Arnica topical gel
Neosporin ointment for incisions
clear webbed medical tape that you can rip off easy.
Sterile Gauze rolls
Sterile Gauze pads both for padding over Neosporin ointment..protects the stitches and staple from rubbing under head-wrap, they can be cut into strips for behind ear friction. And under chin. That head wrap can be constrictive!!!

Foods and Drinks
Coconut water, coconut juice, pineapple juice/ healing properties. I have in a thermal jug in my bedroom. Stay hydrated.
Peanut butter crackers and cheese crackers to take with your pain killers in evenings. You need a solid food with those kind of meds.
Fruit, jello single cups soothes the throat
Even some baby food fruit
Frozen fruit pops
V8 juice
Bending straws when ever I drink anything hot or cold. So you don't have to raise your neck up.
Soft foods, chewing is not fun for a while
Aloe gel
Vitamin e oil for face or Baby oil gels for bodykeep your skin moisturized all over

I'm out of the Woods!!!

Feeling so much better today!! I'm off the Percocet, I hope. Unless the pain starts to get intense again, I won't hesitate to take it. I'm taking Tylenol now. I started that at 1:30 am. Then woke up uncomfortable with head wrap at 7:30 and took it off and slept with it off for 3 hrs!!! I just couldn't stand it. It's fine in the neck, it fits...but when I close the Velcro at the tip of my head it barely reaches. It's a I probably could of used a Large and sewed the neck smaller. I have a wide forehead. Tiny chin as you can see. Lol!!!

I did order a new headwrap in a medium from another company, made out of a more "giving" fabric. I hope. This one makes my jaws ache...or like my bottom teeth ache. It's awful. I'm going to take a Tylenol now. Catch you later. Maybe photos. Try not to be frightened!!!!!

Here's what's going on at my house

Wearing my head wrap to keep swelling down. I'm in early stages now.

Coming along

Bruising is now turning yellow and red on neck and face by mouth it's getting darker purple! Hope these photos load this time, 6 hrs. ago it failed 7 times!!!

Without neck and face wrap

Had my second shower!! Some of bruising turning yellow, injection sites by mouth are dark purple. Put my topical arnica on then vitamin e oil face and body! Dry and cold here in New York. Neosporin ointment on stitches and staples.
Wondered why I was getting a few stabs in my ear. Come to find out there was dried blood in in. All cleaned up now!!
Hate my head wrap PS gave me!! Yanked it off and made my own with Ace Bandages!! Until the new one comes in that I ordered!! Please let this one fit right! I wear 24/7!!


Try again to load photos

Moving along

Photos I've been trying to load off & on today. Just wouldn't go through.

About these photos

I'm trying to share my experience, hoping to help others when they do go through with this. I hope I'm of some help as other Real Self-ers have helped me in the past. I really don't know what I'd do with out all this good information you all have donated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's a good community. Today's photos 4 days post, I have the strap off. I hate that thing with a passion. It's just too small in the head wear it tightens on top. The neck is fine. I have vitamin e oil on my face after I applied the Arnica gel. I felt a little dry. I think I will go back to washing my face with Hibclens, it doesn't make me dry and it's an antiseptic cleanser!! It gets harder to stay in when you start to have energy. But I can't look down, or bend over. I bend at the knees and try to look forward. Keeping the wash up, kitchen and baths clean and tiding up,is all I do. In 10 days I'll be back to work, I work from home on the computer most of the time and we have to travel with our businesses. Good night all, hope all are well!!!

Strange lip quivering while sleeping!!

This is very odd and I'm just recalling it now, but I need to know if any of you ever had this symptom after neck lift and it both face lift? The noise I make wakes me up!! My head is up on my wedge along with pillows, I am sleeping, I'm wearing the head/chin wrap like I'm supposed to do. While in deep sleep last night my lips started quivering, or just vibrating pierced together, because that wrap is bringing the lips tight together. It's not uncomfortable in fact it feels good, but it's noisy!! I'm trying to sleep for God's sake!! My husband thinks it's from trauma, even though I was asleep my body went through trauma. Makes sense. I think it's the nerves in the face reacting upon this damned head sling!!! So freaking weird!!!

No make-up update

Feeling good, except for once in a while I get a quick dizzy spell. I do too much bending and looking down, I know we really aren't suppose to bend over, I forget. It's kind of hard I'm kind of on my own with hubs out of commission. I hope I don't ruin what I paid and suffered for:/
I'm posting some photos. This is Real...Real Self!!!

Finished update.

Coming along and bruising is dissipating!

Sensations after my Lower Face & Neck Lift

I don't think I mentioned these sensations. The first few days my neck and mouth felt tight. I did have lower bottom teeth ache and kind of jaw pain. But basically a lot of the pain was with wearing the head/chin wrap, it was way too tight if you look in the photos I posted back then. I did get a new one which fit nicely and didn't squish my face all up. My Doctor is in full belief of the chin/neck wrap that I wore it 24/7! I have it off now. I see my Dr/Plastic Surgeon tomorrow to have those awful looking staples removed. I'm anxious to see what he says about wearing that wrap still I will be 2 weeks. It fits well, but some thing constantly on your face and around your neck is never comfortable. The neck especially, even with this light new one by Caromed is constricting in the neck, I have to lay soft gauze pads under it, digs into my tender skin in the neck. I have read a lot of Plastic Surgeons don't believe they help after 7 days. Mine is made of 45% nylon & 55% spandex. It's very light weight, and isn't like the one I had been given by my PS, with those thick bonded seams by my mouth. I will attach a photo of the new one. But for today I'm not wearing it!!

Photos of Face/neck wrap

Continued about sensations from Face/neck lift

I re read my previous review, and I failed to mention, that I have all sensations in my ears, meaning the whole ear, behind the ear, even where the staples are behind the ear. All of my mouth I can feel and have been able to open it wide as of 5 days post. I can feel the chin. I can't however feel under my chin or jawline or outer cheek area. But I get little rubber band like snaps once in a while:) doesn't hurt, just telling me the nerves are growing back!!! The upper neck no sensation, that had a tad of liposuction! The lower neck has sensation but feels tender, like a light sunburn if anything touches it. The above stapled area, which is in my hair at a slant in the temple area is numb, when touching it I feel like I have one of those metal snap barrettes in it! So strange, but a good sign. But all is good, feel well rested.

Most of bruising is gone but swelling is ongoing

Hi everyone!! Trying to keep the updates going, but busy with work! I've had a few notice, but they kind enough to say, you look great!! Rested. I'm in quite a large office and we each have our own space.
My bruising is very slight mostly by the mouth. My husband took a photo of me and he said I can't believe this photo it looks just like your High School photo. It does, the rounder fuller face we have with youth, but it's the swelling! It will soon be gone. My neck still feels tender when I touch it. At left side beside my chin there's one area that's not as defined because up the swelling. Over all I feel great, glad to be back to work!! Staying home on my computer working was kind of dull!

Photo update

Some swelling still but not much. Still can't feel my sides of cheeks. But everywhere else I have sensation. Scars are pink. In the back behind ears they are raised still. I will go back to using my silicone gel. I thought it was making them more red. Not the case, still only 4 weeks post surgery. So lots of healing to be done. Takes 3 months, a lot could happen!! Good or bad, we just never know. I was always positive but I've seen a review or 2 where the results were poor. Maybe it depends more on how good your skin is & your health in general! My health is very good and I eat healthy and exercise. So I'm hoping!

What's New?

So far I feel great. I still have some swelling of corse, I only 6 weeks 5 days. It really does take 3 mo. to see final results. I can see indents on the sides of my face from my glasses when I take them off. I have a few photos to post. Catch you later

"As Good As It Gets"

I'm doing well, my cuts are still red by my ears and behind them. When I look down I see a little swelling, not sure if it's my outcome because I'm real close to 3 mo. post. But I have a small chin, so every tiny thing shows. I see my PS in 2 days. He knows about the left side under my chin there's a little bulging. It's where he tied the knot under my chin stitch. He said he'd fix it. We're waiting to see if it goes down. Last time I seen my PS I had a tad of filler in upper lip. The nurse said and my PS oh I'll be swollen and look like a duck for a couple of days, I'll have to stay home. Didn't happen!! I barely notice it!! It costs $650.00. I will find out how much he used. But defiantly needs more. The nurse gave me cortisone shots for the raised scars behind my ears. But on the left she broke the needle, so that's still raised more than the other side where she was able to get all of it in. No charge for that. I have photos this time. I've been very busy at my job and haven't had much time for updates. I titled it my review: Its as Good as it Gets, like the movie with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt, because that about sums up my photos! I'm 63!! But I think I look good, happy with my results! I probably could use a peel of some kind!! My skin gets these clear little bumps called seboric - keratosis. Not a lot, they come with age and from the sun. They're harmless but I hate them, they're rough to the touch! I get them mostly on the chest. But i figured a way to get rid of them. And I wear sun screen all the time!! I'm fair complexioned!

Photo of Caromed Face/Neck Lift wrap

Dr. Sasson is the very best in his field. If you want the very best and feel safe at the same time. My results are excellent and I am very happy I chose Dr. H. Sasson. I look like myself, but much more refreshed. I have not told anyone other than my husband. I get a lot of compliments on how great my skin looks. Sometimes I'll be talking to friends and they'll say you are so beautiful. I have to just look at them, say thank you. But then I'll laugh, because I'm 63!! How can one look beautiful? It's a very nice compliment. I just wanted that neck to tighten up. That was a little hard to take. I don't go around thinking, oh I'm the cats meow now. I feel like the same person. Sometimes I'll get a glimpse in the mirror and say, wow, I look good!! I guess I did this because of my age, it's the last I'd do, I would not keep going for surgeries. I wanted to feel a little more confident. I think if I had to sum it up, it was about the neck, the few wrinkles on my face weren't bothering me, I like them, when I smiled. Sometimes I'll get some stares and it's like, What??....I'm not a slim girl, kind of solid actually, I work on my weight when I'm not stressed. I have been very busy with work, I got myself down to part time now. Soon I will retire. My Dr. was awesome and I am very fortunate that I could do this. One thing I would have to say to women who consider this, is to go ahead, go for it. But I know in real life, I know that you can't really tell people of plastic surgery. I told my husband and an acquaintance because she told me of her surgery. It's a shame, because I don't want to mislead a person that there is some miracle cream that can fix aging. There is none!!! But I'm wise enough to know women....they judge you, they see you as a person that does not except the aging process, that are only into what they look like. And it's not so, I feel all of my age and think when a woman or man does this, it's about preserving. It's about trying to stay active and healthy, even in our sixties and yes, forever will women want to look nice. And any woman or man that doesn't want to look nice, does not exist.
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

He's the only Plastic Surgeon I would use. He's the best there is in New York City and Great Neck, N.Y, it's just as simple as that.

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