32 Yrs Old 140 Lbs 5'2" - 10 Yr Old 310cc saline Explant with Fat transfer, Lipo, and BBL

First off, thank you to all the ladies who have...

First off, thank you to all the ladies who have posted their experiences. This site has been extremely helpful and I hope to pay it forward with my review. Any form of plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly.

So about 10 years ago, right after college graduation, I did what many girls in south Florida were doing and I got a boob job. My long term boyfriend thought it was a good idea. I was young, naive, and 22. He offered to pay, so I went through with it thinking it would improve our relationship and my looks. I was a barely a B-cup, then after surgery became a very large C, and now I'm a 34DD. My surgeon, Dr. Navinderdeep Nijher of Ocala Plastic Surgery, did an amazing job. I am extremely lucky and grateful that my decision to explant has nothing to do with complications from the implants. I would highly recommend him and his team. I've uploaded my initial surgery photos so you can see the before & afters before my upcoming before & afters.

Within a year, my boyfriend and I broke up and I was living in NYC, a city with a different perspective on beauty and what is considered "sexy" vs. Miami. I felt like I had a made a huge mistake and over time I just forgot about [or at least tried to ignore/hide] my large breasts. They looked good, some would say perfect, but I've never felt 100% comfortable. Fast forward to a few years ago when I suffered a severe injury, which lead to unfortunate weight gain and negatively affected my health over-all. Earlier this year, I got engaged to an amazing man and I do not want to walk down the aisle with these things in my body. I feel like my implants are literally in the way of my future...hence my username.

After months of research, I knew that due to the size of my implants (310cc) along with the amount of time I've had them (10 years) that I would not be happy with simply removing the implants. I would need a fat transfer to help fill the deflated areas. After even more research, I thought to myself...well if they are already removing fat for my breasts then they might as well put some of it in my butt. Science is amazing!! (As an Asian), my non-existent butt has always been a problem area. Just thinking about the recovery was enough to make me rethink the entire thing, but I know it will be worth it.

Having the explant surgery with Dr. Nijher would have been ideal, but my job and the travel time involved doesn't work with my schedule. Luckily, I live in NYC and have several highly skilled surgeons to choose from. I was looking for an artist, not just a plastic surgeon. Dr. Tehrani has some of THE best before & after photos and reviews. After our consultation and price comparisons to other top NYC surgeons, my fiance and I feel that Dr. Tehrani is the right choice. One of his nurses used to work with Dr. Nijher, so that made me feel at ease right away. Jessie, the patient coordinator, is amazing and incredibly helpful. I know we are shelling out a lot of money for this, but these procedures are extremely invasive and life changing. I am looking for this to be the last and best surgery of my life. This is not the time to be bargain shopping. Trust me, I am still in sticker shock, but keep in mind that these are inflated NYC prices. In any other part of the country, you can expect to pay much less - in some areas, even half.

In 3 days on 11/23, I am going to the Aristocrat Plastic Surgery Great Neck office to deflate my implants. The Dr. will insert a needle into the bottom part of my breast, pop the implant, and remove the saline. It apparently takes 10 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. This is a step in the process that I haven't seen a lot on here, so I am anxious to see what my breasts sans implants look like. It will be more of a mental challenge vs. a physical one. Two weeks later, on 12/8 at 7:30AM - I go in for the full removal of the implants, lipo, fat transfer to my breasts, and a BBL. Lipo will be done on my abdomen, flanks, back, and mons pubis (something I am actually looking forward to the most). Dr. Tehrani will also be performing some laser 'SmartLipo' to further flatten/smooth out my stomach. The bill also includes a happy booty pillow, 2 Faja garments, bruiseguard, and the facility/anesthesia fee. My goal is to end up with a large B/small C and A butt...any butt would be a great improvement.

I hope this first post wasn't too long...from the reviews I've read, I've enjoyed learning everyone's back story that influenced their decisions. I'm mainly posting to 'get this off my chest' - pun kind of intended there, but seriously - this is a great community of women and reading about everyone's brave recovery process has helped me mentally prepare for the challenges ahead. The success stories have taught me to follow your Dr.'s orders, give yourself time to heal, and stay positive. Thank you RealSelf!

BA Surgery 5/16/07

They were fun at first, before I entered the "real world" and professional work space. Button down shirts and big boobs do NOT go together.

Lates 20s and CURRENT PICS

For the most part, I've enjoyed them - but it's time for a change and time to no longer have foreign objects in my body.

11/23 - Thankful for Deflation and Dr. Tehrani

The Aristocrat office is amazing - so clean and nice. The decor is beautiful and you really do feel like royalty. The staff is incredibly friendly and my fiance made a comment that they are genuinely nice and they really do care about our comfort and happiness.

After some paperwork, the office manager gave me the Bruiseguard and Hibiclens cleanser that I need to start 3 days before surgery. They are extremely thorough and answered all our questions in re: pre-op/post-op instructions. Since I am having fat transfer to my breasts and my butt - I was really worried about how I was going to sleep - so they have an inflatable Curve Cure mattress they were able to lend me and I feel so lucky.

The office does their own blood work and the blood tech was SO nice. They also took a urine sample. I've read some reviews where patients run into problems because they didn't do blood work. The convenience of having it all done at the facility makes this experience amazingly stress-free. Everything is taken care of.

Now for the deflation - a very bizarre experience to say the least. I laid back in a chair similar to a dentists chair w/out arm rests with a big bright light shining on me. Also similar to the dentist, they injected me w/ lidocaine, but unlike at the dentist - they injected it into the underside of my boob. Before I knew it, the Dr. was using these GIANT syringes to remove the saline from my implants. It got uncomfortable from time to time and we tried to pass the time by talking about Thanksgiving plans...which made me realize how big my implants were. Syringe after full syringe was being passed to a nurse, while the other nurse handed him an empty one to fill. My left side gave them more of a fight and it's still feeling a little bruised. In the end, they were able to take out 290cc from the right and 240cc from the left. Over the next two weeks, they should be completely deflated as the saline continues to leak out. Hopefully my skin will start to stretch back...which I think it's already started to looking at my nipples and by surgery day there will be a nice pocket for the fat to live and attach.

I was not expecting to feel this good after the deflation. I thought I was going to be upset, but it's the best decision I've ever made. My work holiday party is the day before surgery and I was happy to learn that I could have 2 glasses of wine. Other than that, a friend's wedding, and of course Thanksgiving - these will be the only days I should drink before surgery. It feels so good to be natural again and I'm more excited now for my new body!

More Deflation Pics

6 days post deflation

My nipples have shrunk down quite a bit, which I hope is a good sign that my skin is also starting to shrink a little. I think my boobs are also looking more even. It's been funny in the office since only a handful of my coworkers know ...or at least know because I told them. My boss saw me for the first time today and she said she totally gets why I am explanting. There's such a big difference in the way I look in clothes. Even I feel like I am looking at my whole body instead of just focusing on my boobs. I could tell there were a few a people at work staring at me with a somewhat confused look...like wait, where did her boobs go?? Wait till they see me after Christmas!

Less than a week away...

It's been so great to be able to sleep on my stomach again - I totally forgot how nice and comfortable it is. Trying to enjoy it while I can, since I'll be sleeping on my back for a while during recovery. I need to do some more research into the post-op rules like when I can resume normal activity? and drinking? etc. I'm posting more before photos so I can look back and see the difference.

3 days before...

Today I started the Bruiseguard regimen. No idea what's really in these pills but they taste terrible. I also need to start washing my body especially my breasts with the special wash. Also tested out the Curve Cure bed to make sure it works and had no holes - good to go.

Today I also got married! We figured why not now and there were so many reasons why we should. I feel so lucky to be with someone who loves me so much that they'd marry me in this "deformed" state. Simple and sweet at City Hall, maybe I need to change my username now...
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