32 Yrs Old 140 Lbs 5'2" - 10 Yr Old 310cc saline Explant with Fat transfer, Lipo, and BBL

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First off, thank you to all the ladies who have...

First off, thank you to all the ladies who have posted their experiences. This site has been extremely helpful and I hope to pay it forward with my review. Any form of plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly.

So about 10 years ago, right after college graduation, I did what many girls in south Florida were doing and I got a boob job. My long term boyfriend thought it was a good idea. I was young, naive, and 22. He offered to pay, so I went through with it thinking it would improve our relationship and my looks. I was a barely a B-cup, then after surgery became a very large C, and now I'm a 34DD. My surgeon, Dr. Navinderdeep Nijher of Ocala Plastic Surgery, did an amazing job. I am extremely lucky and grateful that my decision to explant has nothing to do with complications from the implants. I would highly recommend him and his team. I've uploaded my initial surgery photos so you can see the before & afters before my upcoming before & afters.

Within a year, my boyfriend and I broke up and I was living in NYC, a city with a different perspective on beauty and what is considered "sexy" vs. Miami. I felt like I had a made a huge mistake and over time I just forgot about [or at least tried to ignore/hide] my large breasts. They looked good, some would say perfect, but I've never felt 100% comfortable. Fast forward to a few years ago when I suffered a severe injury, which lead to unfortunate weight gain and negatively affected my health over-all. Earlier this year, I got engaged to an amazing man and I do not want to walk down the aisle with these things in my body. I feel like my implants are literally in the way of my future...hence my username.

After months of research, I knew that due to the size of my implants (310cc) along with the amount of time I've had them (10 years) that I would not be happy with simply removing the implants. I would need a fat transfer to help fill the deflated areas. After even more research, I thought to myself...well if they are already removing fat for my breasts then they might as well put some of it in my butt. Science is amazing!! (As an Asian), my non-existent butt has always been a problem area. Just thinking about the recovery was enough to make me rethink the entire thing, but I know it will be worth it.

Having the explant surgery with Dr. Nijher would have been ideal, but my job and the travel time involved doesn't work with my schedule. Luckily, I live in NYC and have several highly skilled surgeons to choose from. I was looking for an artist, not just a plastic surgeon. Dr. Tehrani has some of THE best before & after photos and reviews. After our consultation and price comparisons to other top NYC surgeons, my fiance and I feel that Dr. Tehrani is the right choice. One of his nurses used to work with Dr. Nijher, so that made me feel at ease right away. Jessie, the patient coordinator, is amazing and incredibly helpful. I know we are shelling out a lot of money for this, but these procedures are extremely invasive and life changing. I am looking for this to be the last and best surgery of my life. This is not the time to be bargain shopping. Trust me, I am still in sticker shock, but keep in mind that these are inflated NYC prices. In any other part of the country, you can expect to pay much less - in some areas, even half.

In 3 days on 11/23, I am going to the Aristocrat Plastic Surgery Great Neck office to deflate my implants. The Dr. will insert a needle into the bottom part of my breast, pop the implant, and remove the saline. It apparently takes 10 minutes and is done under local anesthesia. This is a step in the process that I haven't seen a lot on here, so I am anxious to see what my breasts sans implants look like. It will be more of a mental challenge vs. a physical one. Two weeks later, on 12/8 at 7:30AM - I go in for the full removal of the implants, lipo, fat transfer to my breasts, and a BBL. Lipo will be done on my abdomen, flanks, back, and mons pubis (something I am actually looking forward to the most). Dr. Tehrani will also be performing some laser 'SmartLipo' to further flatten/smooth out my stomach. The bill also includes a happy booty pillow, 2 Faja garments, bruiseguard, and the facility/anesthesia fee. My goal is to end up with a large B/small C and A butt...any butt would be a great improvement.

I hope this first post wasn't too long...from the reviews I've read, I've enjoyed learning everyone's back story that influenced their decisions. I'm mainly posting to 'get this off my chest' - pun kind of intended there, but seriously - this is a great community of women and reading about everyone's brave recovery process has helped me mentally prepare for the challenges ahead. The success stories have taught me to follow your Dr.'s orders, give yourself time to heal, and stay positive. Thank you RealSelf!

BA Surgery 5/16/07

They were fun at first, before I entered the "real world" and professional work space. Button down shirts and big boobs do NOT go together.

Lates 20s and CURRENT PICS

For the most part, I've enjoyed them - but it's time for a change and time to no longer have foreign objects in my body.

11/23 - Thankful for Deflation and Dr. Tehrani

The Aristocrat office is amazing - so clean and nice. The decor is beautiful and you really do feel like royalty. The staff is incredibly friendly and my fiance made a comment that they are genuinely nice and they really do care about our comfort and happiness.

After some paperwork, the office manager gave me the Bruiseguard and Hibiclens cleanser that I need to start 3 days before surgery. They are extremely thorough and answered all our questions in re: pre-op/post-op instructions. Since I am having fat transfer to my breasts and my butt - I was really worried about how I was going to sleep - so they have an inflatable Curve Cure mattress they were able to lend me and I feel so lucky.

The office does their own blood work and the blood tech was SO nice. They also took a urine sample. I've read some reviews where patients run into problems because they didn't do blood work. The convenience of having it all done at the facility makes this experience amazingly stress-free. Everything is taken care of.

Now for the deflation - a very bizarre experience to say the least. I laid back in a chair similar to a dentists chair w/out arm rests with a big bright light shining on me. Also similar to the dentist, they injected me w/ lidocaine, but unlike at the dentist - they injected it into the underside of my boob. Before I knew it, the Dr. was using these GIANT syringes to remove the saline from my implants. It got uncomfortable from time to time and we tried to pass the time by talking about Thanksgiving plans...which made me realize how big my implants were. Syringe after full syringe was being passed to a nurse, while the other nurse handed him an empty one to fill. My left side gave them more of a fight and it's still feeling a little bruised. In the end, they were able to take out 290cc from the right and 240cc from the left. Over the next two weeks, they should be completely deflated as the saline continues to leak out. Hopefully my skin will start to stretch back...which I think it's already started to looking at my nipples and by surgery day there will be a nice pocket for the fat to live and attach.

I was not expecting to feel this good after the deflation. I thought I was going to be upset, but it's the best decision I've ever made. My work holiday party is the day before surgery and I was happy to learn that I could have 2 glasses of wine. Other than that, a friend's wedding, and of course Thanksgiving - these will be the only days I should drink before surgery. It feels so good to be natural again and I'm more excited now for my new body!

More Deflation Pics

6 days post deflation

My nipples have shrunk down quite a bit, which I hope is a good sign that my skin is also starting to shrink a little. I think my boobs are also looking more even. It's been funny in the office since only a handful of my coworkers know ...or at least know because I told them. My boss saw me for the first time today and she said she totally gets why I am explanting. There's such a big difference in the way I look in clothes. Even I feel like I am looking at my whole body instead of just focusing on my boobs. I could tell there were a few a people at work staring at me with a somewhat confused look...like wait, where did her boobs go?? Wait till they see me after Christmas!

Less than a week away...

It's been so great to be able to sleep on my stomach again - I totally forgot how nice and comfortable it is. Trying to enjoy it while I can, since I'll be sleeping on my back for a while during recovery. I need to do some more research into the post-op rules like when I can resume normal activity? and drinking? etc. I'm posting more before photos so I can look back and see the difference.

3 days before...

Today I started the Bruiseguard regimen. No idea what's really in these pills but they taste terrible. I also need to start washing my body especially my breasts with the special wash. Also tested out the Curve Cure bed to make sure it works and had no holes - good to go.

Today I also got married! We figured why not now and there were so many reasons why we should. I feel so lucky to be with someone who loves me so much that they'd marry me in this "deformed" state. Simple and sweet at City Hall, maybe I need to change my username now...

12/8 Day of Surgery

It has been 3 wks since surgery. I've been taking photos every few days to track my progress. I can say that none of the reading/research I did could have prepared me for the actual experience. I am going to be as descriptive and honest as I can with my entries, especially since I haven't seen many on explant w/ fat transfer and BBL.

12/8 Day of Surgery: 7AM and the office is empty except for the amazing team that will perform my surgery. I highly recommend the first time slot since this means you will obviously get home earlier, but also - since you can't eat/drink after midnight the night before surgery, it's the preferable time slot. I don't get my period bc I am on depo, but I cannot imagine having to be on your period during recovery. So if you can, I would schedule surgery right after your period ends, that way at least you know you have a few wks until Aunt Flow comes back.

The initial plan was to put 400cc/in each breast and 600cc/in each buttock - when Dr. T started lipo, he harvested more fat than he thought so I ended up w/ 500cc/ea breast and 1000cc/ea buttock! I'm so glad he did that b/c if I had only had 600cc/butt cheek I think I would've been disappointed. Keep in mind, I started out w/ a pretty flat butt. You will be able to see through the photos how swollen my butt was in the beginning and how much it has gone done. At one point I was afraid I was going to have a Kim K. butt [not my goal]. The nurses/Dr. say that it will take about 3 months to see final results. My breasts will end up being at least one cup or a cup and a 1/2 smaller than before. I had placed my old bra 34DD over my breasts and there is a noticeable gap comparable to thick padding in a push up bra. I had to look up what natural breasts look like as a reminder. I hope that both my butt and my boobs go down a little more.

First 5 Days

Sleeping: the curve cure mattress was a bust. It worked, but like with any blow up mattress - it had to be re-inflated every few hours. It was uncomfortable, but anything at this point is uncomfortable bc of the initial compression garment. No matter what, I was not be able to get comfortable so I just took the Oxy (2 at night to "sleep") and hoped for the best.

Drink lots of water because you will not be eating and even if you are eating, you will not be pooping. I was eating strawberries and the occasional slice of toasted bread w/out crust..maybe a fruit cup, they suggested pineapple. The Dr. had me on natural stool softeners called Surgilax, not exlax or miralax. I didn't think it was going to work bc it felt like I was taking pills full of straw and grains, but by the time I had to poop - it did the job.

There's nothing much to do except watch tv/movies so I'd try to take a nap/fall asleep anytime I could b/c it took almost a week to sleep for at least 6-7 hours straight. The compression garment doesn't breath so I'd wake up in the middle of the night SO hot, feeling like I was baking/sophisticating - but I always had a cool bottle of water by me to drink. If you live in a warm/hot climate, I suggest cranking the AC like a hospital room, bc your living room or bedroom will literally turn into one. We're in the beginning of winter, so it was tough having the heat on at times so we had a humidifier running 24/7. With the fluctuating temperature, I always had a zip-up hoodie or cardigan handy and I'd wear it backwards so it was easy for me to take it off or put it back on.

Within the first day my butt was bleeding/leaking. This is normal and gross, so make sure you lay a bunch of towels down in that area. Every morning we would check to see if there was new leakage and you could tell from the ring marks on the garment [see photos]. At one point my entire back area was bright red. We did not lay the towels down in time, so there is now a stain on the rug from when I was in the curve cure mattress...which is slowly going away w/ from 409 carpet cleaner.

We also have a dog and a cat, so we had to keep the dog penned up b/c she loves jumping on me and I had to occasionally prevent the cat from cuddling with me too. The pet situation was def something we didn't really think of beforehand. Hearing my dog crying + the pain I was feeling did not help my recovery. It wasn't until she could calmly hang out with me that I could start to feel better. Animals are def healers and I think she really helped me feel more normal/took my mind off of the pain/lack of comfort.

**sorry, some pics are not loading the correct way

12/12 First Follow-up

Joanna, my nurse, is an angel. She was with me during my deflation and she has been the most amazing confidant and supporter during my recovery (after my husband of course). She said I was looking really good and could tell I was using the Bruiseguard (arnica pills) bc usually girls vaginas are "all black and blue down there." All of my bruising was concentrated in my butt area and I had a faint black/blue tint on my breasts. There will def be parts of your body that will be dry/scaly - this will take care of itself once you can start putting some lotion on it. Because I was in the initial garment 24/7 for 5 days, the skin on my sides folded and created a stiff dent. This is where the lymphatic massages become even more important bc it will help smooth that out. My entire stomach area and wherever the lipo was done feels tight and ROCK HARD. I thought the problem was going to be my butt, but the real recovery is from the lipo. I won't be able to have a massage till my next follow-up appnt on 12/19. Instead of putting the blood stained garment back on, we decided to buy an extra 3rd garment. The initial cost of surgery includes only 2 sets of garments. My 2nd garment was a diff model and I liked it A LOT better. It was also easier to get into and easier for my husband to help me get into. It has hooks on the side and a zipper with a separate bra. The original garment had hooks all the way up and the bra is attached.

Joanna said that I would start to feel pressure in my mons (vagina) and to put an overnight maxi pad in my garment to help push back against the swelling. Think of your body as a funnel and all the swelling and toxins are going down to your vag. I wish I had done it the same day...that night I had the most excruciating pain in my mons. I had read a review where a girl had the same intense pain and she had no idea how to relieve it. As soon as I put in the pad the next day, the pain went away almost immediately. We started calling it my "mons pad" and it actually served 2 purposes: prevent pain/swelling in my mons and it kept things more sanitary since I tucked in the excess part of the pad to cover up the hole in the garment.

Second Week of Recovery

The day after my first follow-up I was able to remove the garment, shower, and poop. It was a breakthrough day in recovery. I think once you can do those 3 things, you start to feel like a person again. Every morning/afternoon, that was my routine: take a break from the garment, poop, shower. My appetite was also coming back and the food service (5square) that we set up was great because my husband didn't have to cook/shop for food for me, it is already low sodium, healthy, and delicious. If you can find a food service like this in your area, I would recommend it. The last thing you will want to do or be able to do is cook.
My brother and his gf also came to visit that wk. He said it looked like I had a butterball turkey in my pants. I can't even imagine how big some people's butts are that end up bigger than mine - it must be gigantic. I had to keep reminding myself that my butt is still swollen and it's not going to be huge/unnatural looking. It amazes me how small my waist is. I can't believe I had been carrying all that fat around my middle area - and now it's all gone.

We stopped using the curve cure mattress and switched to different combinations of couch cushions, pillows, and pool float inner tubs. At one point I had a medium inner tube on top of a large inner tube and that became my "lounger". In the end the most comfortable way was just the cushions and pillows, but my butt had also reduced in size - which made the all-around experience more comfortable. My husband's goal was to save every fat cell possible in my butt. It became an obsession and he became a pillow/inner tube bed engineer. As the swelling went down, I continued to navigate and negotiate the set-up. Plus, I was becoming more mobile and could start moving around the pillows myself.

One of the nights I had to take a break from sleeping on my stomach so I positioned the pillows so that there was a hole for my boobs. The next morning when I took off the garment I had these blood blisters on my sides, right where my hips bones were. Those areas were bothering me throughout the day, but I thought it was just the garment. We sent the photo to Joanna and she said it was normal and they would just fall off after putting bacitracin on them. I am also putting bacitracin on my incision marks. Sure enough after a couple days, the blisters flattened out and then after another few days - the scabs just fell off. Now I am using the scar cream from the Dr.'s office to help correct the discoloration.

12/19 2nd Follow-up/First massage

Last time I wasn't able to see Dr. Tehrani and this time I did - so I finally got to hear the words I was waiting to hear from him: "you look great" He isn't worried about anything and I can basically start getting back to normal. I have to spend 2 more wks in the garment for 23 hrs/day and then only at night for a month. They switch me into more of a spanx garment and I also need to wear a waist trainer that has a wood board in the middle. They don't have a smaller size for the waist trainer so I have to come back in a couple days, which is fine bc I have to come back anyway for a 2nd massage. Now for the massage. Elizabeth is a miracle worker. It was probably the most painful hour of my life, but I knew it had to be done and that it was going to be worth it. The tylenol I had taken in preparation was not cutting it. I wish I had taken an Oxy. She really put in some work. She put infrared lights on my stomach to help w/ the swelling before she massaged that area and then we did some ultrasound on my mons. Thank god my husband was with me - I had to squeeze his hand at times bc it was SO painful. Afterwards, it took both of them to get me into the spanx garment. I call it spanx, even tho it is still a faja garment bc there are no hooks/zippers. It's like a bodysuit. I saw results immediately after my first massage. It feels like your stomach is made of clay, able to be molded any which way. My husband said that it looked like she was giving me abs.

Per Dr. T, I need to have 2 massages a wk for 3 more wks. This posed a problem, since I don't have time/money to uber all the way to Great Neck from work during the weekdays (no weekend massages available). So, I was able to find someone trained in endermology/lymphatic massage in the city at the James Fowler Physical Therapy by Union Square. We spoke on the phone and she seems nice. I've already scheduled appnts for Tuesday nights and Friday mornings. My next follow-up will be 1/18 after a months worth of massage.

That night we went to my brother's work holiday party. I took the happy booty pillow w/ me in the uber and then kept it in a bag during the party. I sat on a bar stool w/ my butt hanging off. I even used the booty pillow on the bus ride home. It felt good to get out and wear an outfit, do my hair and make-up. For the past two wks, I had only been wearing my garment - so it's nice to see my new figure dressed up.

12/21 2nd Massage & Woodboard waist trainer

We had to come back to pick up the waist board and for a second massage. It was a different lady and she basically concentrated more on my stomach area and sides. I did take an Oxy beforehand and it was def less painful, but she also wasn't doing the massage as intensive as the first lady. The waist-board is bigger than a thought and very tight. They basically want it to be as tight as possible, just enough to be able to breath. Honestly, it actually did feel better when it was tighter.

Joanna removed the steri-strips from my breasts and the incisions are healing well. Luckily, the Dr. was able to use the same incision point from when I had my implants. After tomorrow night, it will be last night sleeping on the couch and also the last day I have to use my Happy Booty pillow. In a few days it will be Christmas and I can't think of a better gift, than to able to sleep in my bed again.

Adjusting back to sleeping "normally" is another challenge. I found that sleeping with a pillow under my lower back helped, especially since I still wanted to try to sleep on my stomach. I've been taking Tylenol PM before bed. There was also a curved pillow that looked like a giant neck pillow at the Dr.'s office during my massage. They put it under my lower back and it relieved some pressure from my butt. I wish I had that pillow. When sleeping on my back, it also helped to have a pillow under my knees.

This is also the wk where I am working from home, so it's difficult since you can't really sit down for too long. The happy booty pillow is not the most comfortable. I had to stand for hours just because sitting was too uncomfortable. It was draining and I really appreciate HR and my boss for letting me work from home that week and not have to use any days. I can't imagine having to go back to work already. I work in an office and I would say it's 70% sitting and 30% walking around/not at my desk. On a busy day, it could be 30/70. Luckily, this time of year is slow.

12/27 First day back at work/First massage at JFPT

Some people knew about my boobs, some people knew about my boobs and butt, and some people thought I was on my honeymoon. It was rough, but luckily there wasn't much to do. The only thing getting me through the day was knowing I had a massage that evening. I've also been way more conscious about eating better and eating smaller meals. With the waist board on, it's tough to eat much let alone something heavy.

The James Fowler PT facility is really nice and in a very convenient location, just north of Union Square on Bway near the Patagonia store near ABC home & carpet. Claire is very soft spoken and I can tell right away that she is also very knowledgeable about the body's lymphatic system and how best to address my issues. She has had clients before who have also had BBL surgery or just lipo. I am looking forward to the next massage and hope that I see more results quickly. Just after this 3rd massage, I can feel some areas are softening up and the dent in my side is slowly smoothing out. She didn't address my mons, however, so I had my husband work on that the next day.

Recovery has not been easy. I put my body through a lot of trauma and I did experience that post-op regret for the first few days. I am starting to feel more comfortable now. Going back to work was good for my morale. My husband has been the true hero and he has been so supportive and encouraging. He is beyond thrilled with the results so far. I am just trying to get to the Jan. 5 date so that I don't have to wear this garment all the time. I think once I get to that goal date, things will automatically get better. I def broke up each part of this recovery into sections. Mentally motivating myself, ok so 5 more days till the follow-up, one more wk till the next follow-up...and so on. Now it will be, ok tomorrow I have a massage then only 4 more days till my next one.

I'll continue to post updates when I can. I hope everyone has a happy happy new year. Now when I hear "New Year, New You!" I think to myself, YEA no kidding!!

Blister update

Blister is gone and incisions are healing up. I wanted to post a pic of what the blister sites look like now. Hoping scar cream will take care of the rest.

Week 4

Tomorrow I get to leave the house like a "normal" person sans waistboard, sans compression garment. My boss keeps telling me that I look great and I told her, "you have no idea what's going on under here." Due to a work trip, my next follow up isn't till the 25th so I will continue to have the massages and in fact will need the massages till I am fully healed. It's a process that I didn't really prepare for mentally, physically, or financially - after a months of massage twice a wk, that's already $950. In the end tho, it is necessary. I've also already changed my attitude towards eating right and not giving into cravings or treats just bc they are there. Before I would adopt a motto of "treat yourself" but now the way I will treat myself better is by not having that cookie or not having that fatty sandwich and having a salad instead.

Sitting at work can get rough. I'll start to feel a slow burning sensation in one of my butt cheeks which is the signal to get up. The stitches in my left breast have also not fully come out so they are bothering me especially when I sleep. I've been going to bed earlier just to make up for the time that I am tossing and turning. My butts gotten a little smaller and my stomach is getting softer and flatter. Boobs look great. One month down, two more to go.

First day - no compression garments

It may have been too early - I really don't know, but on my first day without wearing garments I wore leggings and they left a significant mark on my stomach below my belly button. I could feel my stomach "sinking" while at my desk. I'm hoping that after wearing the garment overnight, my body will "reset" and I'll just be more careful/aware of what I wear during the day. I may have to get a pair of high waisted spanx just to keep things together. My PT cancelled on me this morning due to illness, so no massage this morning. My next one is on Tuesday.


As suspected my stomach did reset to before - still lumpy, still bumpy and still feeling like a tight rubberband. Butts still big. Boobs look great. This lipo recovery is rough and I'm getting impatient - but I guess that's the worst thing I could do right now. Just read some more BBL reviews w/ recoveries much faster than mine and no mention of the lipo part. Everyone's different and I guess my recovery will be one of the longer ones.

The truth

Now that most of the swelling has gone down, my skin/tissue are softening and my back rolls are becoming more pronounced. This will be something to work on at the gym I guess....along with my arms and some leg/butt exercises to maintain and accentuate Dr. Tehrani's counter job. I'd like to do some butt lifting exercises as well - many that you don't even need a gym for.

A few people at work have complimented how good I've been looking and how I've lost so much weight. They want to know what I've been doing/what my secret is. For the ones that just can't believe it or can't stop talking about it, I've just come clean about it. I'm not going to take credit for putting in hours at the gym and keeping up a healthy diet when I haven't. Although lately I am watching what I eat and drink more - just because I don't want to gain any weight.

People have commented on how great I look, someone even used the word "stealth" - but no comments about my butt except from my friends who I told about my BBL. So I've mainly told people about the boobs and lipo and not that many people about the BBL. It's still the truth, just not the whole truth.

Dressing for work has been so easy. I don't have to worry about how big my boobs are going to look. If anything I'm worrying that my butts looking too big. I'd rather have that problem than dealing with boobs that really are too big. Yay for no implants!

1 month follow-up

I'm about a month and a half post-surgery and the Dr. thinks I am looking great. Everyone at work thinks I look great. I look great in clothes, but still not there yet when it comes to a bathing suit. Dr. T is really happy/impressed with how much fat has survived and so am I. Due to some scar tissue in my upper abdomen, he wants me to lay on a medicine ball with my back on the ball and do some stretches. This will help pull the scar tissue and reduce swelling. I will continue with the massages and actually asked my therapist if she could be more aggressive. As Dr. T's nurse put it, "these should not be the relaxing kind." After a month, if there is any more fat loss/reduction in swelling it will only be about 5% so what I have now is basically it. The lipo incision site that's been bothering me can actually be fixed thru local anesthesia, so we will address it during my next appnt. My spanx style faja is not as tight anymore so the office manager suggested I wear it over my waistboard and it has def done the trick - so much better even after one night. Everyone at Dr. Ts office is so helpful and knowledgeable about the recovery process.
Before surgery I had always thought I needed to do butt lifting exercises and things aren't so different now I just have more mass back there. So that is on my goal list : to do more butt/left exercises to get that thing perky. I can def feel the added weight back there when I run and it's a little uncomfortable. It's def bouncing and so are my boobs!!! Without the implants and having natural breasts is such an amazing change. They bounce and move and feel like nature boobs. My husband loves it and I am beyond thrilled. I now have the hour glass shape that I didn't think I could have. Time to go wedding dress shopping!!

Butt Update

At first I was scared my butt was going to be too big, then it was just big - now it's cute. I have a cute round proportional natural looking butt and that's exactly what I wanted. For those few weeks when I had a badunk-a-dunk it was fun, but I knew that I wouldn't be 100% happy if that was permanent - it didn't look natural. It'll be interesting to see how my butt changes overtime. I'm really keeping my diet clean and healthy during the week with cheat days on the weekends. I am drinking way way less than before and I think maintaining will be easy bc having this body is motivation enough to keep it up! I would like to add more "lift" through good old fashioned exercise, but other than that I am very happy with the results so far.


The massages are really paying off and I also started using a heated neck massager to help make up for the days I miss with my therapist. These photos are right after taking my waist board off in the morning. Everything is so nice and smooth...and then it gets folds throughout the day, but yesterday was much better. My therapist thinks I only have to do two or three more sessions till I'm all softened up.

Can't wait for Spring!

A new girl in my office, who has to be straight out of college, so early 20s...looked at me and said, "I love your body". I was wearing a camel ribbed short sleeve dress with black knee high boots. I would've never thought to wear a dress like that before my surgery. I work in fashion and love trying new looks. I'm so excited to not have to worry about how my big boobs won't fit in a top and how self conscious I used to be. I haven't gone bra shopping yet to find out my new cup size, but I will soon. I tried on a pair of jeans and experienced something I've only seen girls with big butts complain about and it's the gap in the back waistband. The jeans also didn't have much shape to it, basically jeans for girls without curves. I've always had the hips, but now I have the ass to match. It's amazing how proportionate I look now. Scars are healing nicely. My Dr. wants me to work out at the gym to increase definition in my stomach. I'll get to that I'm sure...but right now I've just been enjoying the results for what they are : a new me and truly a better life. I'm happier and I feel better about myself. 100% worth it.

5 months post-op; 130lbs, but skinny doesn't mean healthy

So I was about 130 lbs post-op and I've been maintaining that weight pretty well - I think I'm looking skinnier now than before. I look like I work out, but I'm out of breath when I get to the top of the 7 train platform. Not good. I really need to start working out again. I cannot let my outside reflection fool me into thinking my organs on the inside are healthy and functioning at their best because I know damn well they aren't.

Today is an interesting day because I actually sold my Happy Booty pillow using the LetGo app. I'm also just going to give her all the inner tubes I used. My 'customer's' surgery date is next week and I wish her all the best. It was great to share my tips/experience with someone face-to-face.

My flanks are still a little tight, but I've been stretching and still massaging my stomach from time to time. The skin in my abdomen area still deforms, but not as bad as before. I have another month before I see Dr. T again. One of the lipo incision sites is still a little indented, but its WAY better than before and I don't think I will need corrective surgery on it. I've kind of stopped using the scar cream as religiously as before, but I try.

My breasts are basically "back-to-normal" but there is a hardness in my right breast that I think will just be there as a side effect of my implants. Not the end of the world and I don't even notice it, only when I go looking for it.

I did develop a rash on my butt a few weeks ago that I can only describe as adult diaper rash. My butts new to all this friction and my skin was sensitive to it. It's much better now, but it was definitely itchy and I used cortisone and antibiotic ointment for relief. Another new butt problem: jean/pants shopping. It has been very difficult and a very first world problem. Having the "itty bitty waist and a big behind" isn't all fun and games. It's been interesting learning about all these new "big butt" problems. My butt still prefers a softer cushion to sit on. At the end of the day though, I am hardly complaining. I love my new body and so does my husband.

Speaking of my husband, you'd think with my new body we are having tons of sex, but to be honest - it took a long time post-op to even feel "in the mood" again. My breasts were also still very sensitive and couldn't handle much pressure. My hubby still can't believe how drastic my transformation has been.
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