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Did not mind wearing the trays, it was also great...

Did not mind wearing the trays, it was also great because if there was a super special occasion I could take them out for afew hours if I felt the desire. I had to wear them quite a bit longer than I was orig. told, I had to get 2 sets of refinement trays afterwards so I was first quoted about a year but ended up in treatment for almost two to get things as perfect as possible. lower teeth were severly crooked before but now are really straight, not totally perfect but given the ease of use and wear compared to traditional wires and brackets I think it is well worth it! I get compliments on my smile and teeth all the time now and I can honestly say i am happy that I decided to go for it. One warning- you must be motivated to keep the trays in! Sometimes when it is time to switch trays the movement of your teeth can be a little painful and it might be tempting to take "breaks" from the trays... just stick with it Tylenol or motrin the first day or two after a tray switch is really helpful to cut back on soreness.
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