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Great Experience! (22 Year Old FUT)

Hair Transplant

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2 Oct 2016

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Great Experience! (22 Year Old FUT)

I was somewhat hesitant to go through with a hair transplant since I am younger (22), but Dr. Meshkin gave me all the information I needed to make a well informed decision without any pressure, which I truly appreciated. His staff are friendly and professional, so I felt comfortable in that respect as well. On the day of my procedure, all of the post-op information was gone over in detail, so there was no misunderstanding. In terms of the actual procedure, everything went smoothly. Also, the post-op pain was manageable, but the painkillers were a necessity. Since I took the antibiotics and everything as prescribed, there were no complications, and I am now waiting to see the results. I highly recommend Dr. Meshkin! Once I see the full results, I'll be sure to include some before/after pictures.