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Great doctor and staff


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25 Oct 2016

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Great doctor and staff

I went in for rhinoplasty in late August 2016, and am so happy I did. Dr. Lewis and his amazing staff are knowledgeable, straight-forward, empathetic, and they LISTEN to what YOU want. I was of course apprehensive pre-surgery, but he and Lee made the process so smooth. I did not want any major changes to my nose; I still wanted to look like me, just better. Together, we decided that he was going to straighten my nose, file down a small bump near the bridge, and reshape the tip. He also made it narrower. I got my splint off a week after, with minimal bruising, and haven't looked back. I finally feel like I can look at people in the eye without worrying that they're staring at my nose! It's the best feeling ever.