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Great Doctor with excellent staff :)

Breast Implant Removal

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31 Oct 2016

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Great Doctor with excellent staff :)

I love Dr. Marshall. She is an amazing doctor and person. I highly recommend her to anyone with my eyes closed. I had a pleasant experience from the moment I walked into her office. The staff is so genuine and sweet to everyone. I would love to give them a higher rating if I could. I went in for a consultation for a breast implant removal because my oversized breast implants were hindering me in very many aspects. After talking with the doctor she could clearly see how much I was suffering and offered to drain my saline bags for free. A month later after my boobs went back to their normal shape, I had the surgery to get the bags removed with an enbloc and I couldnt be happier!! I have healed extremely fast and with very minimal scaring. She saved my life. Thank you Dr. Marshall!!!