Great Breasts After 3 Kids

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After i had my second kid, i made up my mind to...

After i had my second kid, i made up my mind to get breast implants after this baby making chapter of my life was over. So i waited for another year, had another baby ( a girl!) and decided to go for the breast implants after i had recovered fully. Naturally, after 3 children and loads of breast feeding, my breasts were a saggy B and i wanted a full C.I explained my story to the doctor ( in Florida ) and he said i was a perfect candidate for this procedure. I went for my appointment and after disussing the procedure, the dangers and the advantages, i was more than ready. I was sedated through an iv and i fell asleep. What i remember next is waking up , sleepy, groggy and with bandages around my breasts. The doctor asked me to go home that very day and my husband drove me home. The next three days were tough because my breasts were sore and i could not even lift my arms up. When i went for a follow up, i was amazed to see my breasts. Ofcourse they already felt bigger after the surgery but they looked way bigger anf firmer when the bandage was removed. The doctor had made an incision near the areola and there was a mild scar that disappeared in some time. ( i have had implants for over a year now ). Luckily, i suffered no infections, no scarring and no discomfort. Implants gave me a great shape after 3 kids and i feel young again. It just feels great to see that you have 3 lovely kids and inspite of that, a great body and firm breasts! I give it two thumbs up and specially reccomend it for all mommies.
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