Unbelieveably Natural Facelift!

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I have been getting microdermabrasion & peels...

I have been getting microdermabrasion & peels for the past two years and have been happy with the results! At my 59th birthday, I decided to step up and try fillers. Since I trusted my provider, I told her to do whatever she thought would look the best. She injected three 1.5cc syringes of Radiesse. Most of it went into my cheeks to replace the loss of volume in my cheekbones which also improved my smile lines. She used the rest to touch up around the mouth.

It was painless! She used a topical anesthetic, a dental block, and painkiller in the syringe. I had this done two weeks ago on a Thursday night and I was at work on Friday morning with no bruising and very slight swelling. All day people told me that I looked good in that color, or asked if I lost weight, or if I cut my hair! Only my hairstylist noticed it was my face and she was VERY impressed! It took years off my face, but not in a "Oh my gosh, a facelift" kind of way!

My husband was totally against me having it done, but after seeing the results, grungingly admits I look GOOD!!!!

I think the key to getting a great result is to...

I think the key to getting a great result is to save your money and get it done right by an experience provider. The reason many are disappointed is because they do not have enough injected to make a difference. Obviously, I needed more at 59 than if I started younger, but I would also say that having an experienced provider who understands facial structure is equally important!

Donna at Advantage Health Aesthetics

She is highly experienced and has a gentle touch. You can relax knowning you are in her very capable hands.

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