Pain+8 Shades Lighter - Grand Rapids, MI

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I had the Zoom treatment today. I used the...

I had the Zoom treatment today. I used the Prevadent toothpaste 2x/day for 3 weeks before my appointment. The process was great. 4 15 min applications. No problem. They were shocked by how white my teeth were, as was I. (AT LEAST 8 shades). Left at 4:00pm. Around 6:30 the pain started. Holy Mary, Mother of God. I have chronic pain. I KNOW pain. This? I am prescribed Dilaudid and Oxycodone. Took BOTH - no relief. I can only pray for a coma. Even my ear hurts. Heating pad helps, keeping tongue over a particular bad tooth helps some. Have a full day scheduled tomorrow. Doubt that's going to happen.


I survived the night and I have to say I wouldn't do it again. The level of white faded within a few days and the pain was ridiculous. I use the Crest 2 hour White Strips and get amazing results.

SO not worth the money or the pain.
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