5'10" 145lb 34B Mom Needing Work After Breast Feeding 2 Kids - Grand Junction, CO

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So far I have just had my initial consultation,...

So far I have just had my initial consultation, but I was very impressed with Dr. Swelstad and his staff. I have been considering breast augmentation for quite a while now. My breasts have never been larger than a 34B except when I was breast feeding, but at least they had a nice shape/firmness before kids. Now, they're just deflated. I had some concerns about whether or not I was a good candidate for a BA since I have a very physical job and I am very active (cross fit and martial arts). Dr. Swelstad spent over an hour and a half talking with me, showing me the implants, discussing the procedure, and what options would be best for me. He even took the time to show me photos of clients who had similar breasts to mine, and the results he was able to achieve. I never felt rushed, or like he was in any kind of hurry. He was informative, understanding, and he answered all of my questions. We decided on sub muscular with the incision under the breast.

I have an appointment for sizing/pre op on March 8th, and surgery is scheduled for March 23rd.

Not sure why, but I'm having a hard time getting my photos to post right side up, so I will keep working on getting some posted.

Before Photos

4 weeks to go

Wow, so posting the before photos was more difficult emotionally than I thought. You get use to looking at them in the mirror, but they just seem to look extra sad in photos. Does it get easier to look at your before photos after you have boobies?

One of my best friends is having her BA next week, and I'm super jealous that she gets hers done first, but so excited for her! She is going to go with me to my fitting to give me her input and keep me in line. She will only be 4 days post op at my fitting, but she is such a great friend and wants to be there with me since my husband will be out of town. She's going with 400 cc, which is right around what I was thinking for myself. I have been playing around with rice sizers, and I like the look of 375 cc to 425 cc, so I'm thinking 400 to 450 since I'be heard you lose about 25 cc by going under the muscle. I know rice sizers aren't exactly like trying on implants, which is still different from the final product. I am trying hard to keep an open mind and not get set on anything until I get sized by my PS and hear his recommendation, but I'm so excited, and can't help but try to prepare as much as I can. I'm like that about pretty much everything. Is there anything you ladies recommend to be prepared for the sizing and pre-op appointment?

My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach (also my friend's coach) found out from our husbands that we are getting BAs. We were going to have to tell him eventually anyway, but I was afraid he wasn't going to be very happy with us since it will mean several weeks off from training, and I won't be competing at the tournament in May. He is actually really supportive, and is constantly joking about it now, giving us a hard time (in a nice way). We have been telling the other ladies at the gym, and they have been amazing. With the exception of one, they are all the excited for both me and my friend. The one exception told me that having breasts will make me look fat. Oh well, not everyone is going to be supportive, and some people are just unhappy.

I love reading all of your stories. Being able to read about your experiences has really helped me feel more prepared for the whole process!

Pre Op Appointment

I had my sizing and pre op appointment on Tuesday. I knew my husband wasn't going to be able to be at the appointment, so my friend who just had surgery came with me. I didn't get to actually meet with Dr. Swelstad again, which disappointed me. Instead, I met with his nurse, Shae. Of the people I've met in the PS office, I think she was the least helpful. She brought in two trays of sizers, told me to try them on, and to let her know if I needed anything. Thankfully, my friend was very helpful. I had brought in a 34D bra, and a 34DD bra to see what I looked like, and get a little bit of an idea of what size I will be. I am asymmetrical, and my left breast is about 25cc bigger than my right. I really liked how 425cc left and 450cc right looked (grey tank top in photos). I also really liked 450 cc left and 475cc right (pink bra). I eventually just told the nurse that I was happy with both sizes and the doc should go with whichever he thought best. They automatically add 25cc to the chosen size to make up for volume lost by going under the muscle, so I'll be getting either 450cc or 475cc left, and 475cc or 500cc right. Those sound huge, and should end up making me a 34DD! Even though that seems like a huge size to me, I think they will balance out my child-bearing hips.

I know I still have some weight to lose, and definitely need to tighten up my abs, so please be kind when looking at my photos. I really would like some honest feedback on the size though.

Surgery is in less than 2 weeks, and I'm so excited!

4 Days To Go!

The final countdown has begun! I work nights, and I work through this Monday night, so that will help keep me busy. Tuesday is my 35th birthday, then I have surgery on Wednesday morning! I am schedule for 7 am, and need to be there at 6 am. That's nice because I won't have to go too long (awake) without eating.

I have picked up several front zip sports bras. My PS said I'm basically going to live in them for a while, so I wanted a few of them. Luckily, JCPenney has their Xersion color block front zip bras on sale for $17.99 each, plus I had a coupon, so they ended up being about $15 each. That's awesome since I didn't want to spend too much on recovery bras.

I have all of my prescriptions picked up, including the Percocet, but I'm hoping I won't need narcotics. I think I have a fairly high pain tolerance. I have had multiple injuries throughout my life, and been given prescriptions for narcotics in the past, but have never taken them. The strongest thing I've ever taken was 1/2 dose of Tylenol III after each childbirth (which I did without epidural). I'm actually a little nervous about how narcotics will affect me.

Thankfully, I already have recliners and a wedge pillow, so I'm all set there. My hubby even ordered the latest season of Game of Thrones on Blu ray, so I will have plenty to watch while I'm recovering.

Good luck to everyone else getting BAs this week!

BA Day

I am in the other side! Dr. Swelstadt met with me, drew on my ch ct, confirmed what size I wanted, and explained again that he reserved the right to change the size if necessary for aesthetics or health reasons. That being said, he gave me exactly what I wanted: 475 cc and 500 cc. Woke up in a fair amount of pain, but the worst part was feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath. It felt like I had someone sitting on my chest. They gave me something for the pain (not sure what the pills were), made sure I could eat and drink, and that my oxygen level was holding. My hubby stayed there the whole time, drove me home, and set me up on the couch.

The pain isn't too bad now. I waited 6 hours, then took one Percocet. I want to stay on top of the pain for today, but will probably try just using Tylenol tomorrow.

So far I'm happy with the size. It's hard to tell because he sent me home wrapped up in a couple of ace bandages, but it looks like I'll have cleavage.

Also, I've attached a photo of the amazing cake my friend made me yesterday.

The frankenboob is real.

Got to take off my ace bandages today, and now I'm in a zip front sports bra. So far today I have only taken extra strength Tylenol and my antibiotics. One side looks slightly different than the other, but I'm sure that is because I was asymmetrical to begin with and I got a larger implant on my right side to even me out. I can't wait to see how they will look after a couple of weeks!

2 weeks post-op

I have been terrible about keeping up on updates. There haven't been any significant changes day-to-day, but I have taken pictures a few times in the last couple of weeks to try to document my progress. I will try to cover the things that interested me when I was reading other people's stories.

My doctor had prescribed Percocet, which I was supposed to take 1 or 2 pills every 4-6 hours. On the day of surgery, I took one pill at a time, twice during that day. Starting on the first day after surgery, I took only extra strength Tylenol for the discomfort. That lasted 3 days, then I didn't take anything after that.

I did sleep a lot the first couple of days, and slept in my recliner for the first 4 nights. After that, I started sleeping in bed, propped up slightly with pillows. I am a side sleeper, and I was so happy the last few nights to be able to sleep comfortably on my side!

Constipation. Ugh! Thankfully that's over with, but it took calcium citrate (yuck!) to resolve it. I can't imagine how bad it would have been if I had to take the narcotics for more than 12 hours.

My dressings were removed at my one week appointment. I was told the incisions looked good, and to use a triple antibiotic cream occasionally until my next appointment (April 12th). At that point, my stitches will be removed, and I will receive instructions for massage. I am using Bio Oil to help prevent stretch marks (I already have plenty of them from breastfeeding), and I just need to be careful to keep it away form the incision. So far it seems to be working, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have experienced some numbness below the nipple on both breasts, with the left having slightly less sensation than my right. Both sides have been steadily improving, so I'm not worried about it. I did go through a couple of days right around the one week mark when my nipples were very sensitive, but thankfully that has gone away.

The implants are slowly dropping, and my breasts are definitely getting a lot softer. Overall, I am happy with the size, the distance between my breasts, and the symmetry, especially considering that I was asymmetrical to begin with.

I have two Jockey brand front zip sports bras that I got from JCPenney for about $25 each, and I love them! I have a couple of other brands also, but I really prefer how comfortable the Jockey ones are, so I am living in them. They are supportive, but not too restrictive. I'll attach a photo.

I will try to update with photos weekly, or if anything else comes up. Hope everyone who had March BAs is healing wonderfully!

3 1/2 Months

Really there has been nothing noteworthy about my recovery. Things have steadily but gradually improved with no complications. I am very happy with my results, and I have no complaints. I had some limitations up until the 3 month mark, which basically consisted of no exercises that isolated the pecs. Now I am back to all of my activities and working on building my strength back up and getting my weight back down, which feels great.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Swelstadt and his office. Even those I know who work at a local ER and have seen Dr. Swelstadt's work on patients with trauma have had great things to say about his work. I would recommend him to anyone in the GJ area.

The attached photo is from right about 3 months. I have figured out that boob selfies are hard, and it is especially difficult to make them look even when one hand is holding up a camera. Regardless, they look amazing in real life, and I am very happy with the results.
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