Got my First Compliment

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PROS: I got my first compliment from my friend...

I got my first compliment from my friend who commented that my lashes looked longer. She thought I was wearing lash extensions. I was a bit unsure of whether the product was working until I got this compliment. I started early February. So I would say about 4 weeks now.

I agree from one reviewer that the applicators are garbage. I feel the packaging was consumed by the applicators which are recommended to be used per eye. I noticed that I waste so much of this expensive product on the brush. It says to put one drop in the brush and glide it on the base of the lashline. I felt it was still dry and needed another drop to give it that saturated feeling. So I've disregarded the directions and I put 2 drops on one brush and use it on both eyes and still have enough to do a brush on both brows.

In regards to dark circles, hmmm...I know I had some to begin with, but I do think it is making it may have gotten darker. But I've been wearing concealer anyways, so it doesn't bug so much. I'm still excited about the lash growth! I plan to buy another bottle once this is finished and maybe a new professional liquid liner brush!

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