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I sought out fillers because of deep nasolabial...

I sought out fillers because of deep nasolabial folds, despite being only 31.

They injected a numbing solution all around the area. This stung slightly, but was very mild compared to the pain of a flu shot. We waited for the numbing to set in, which took about 20 minutes. Then they injected close to one full syringe into the nasal-labial area. Between each injection, the nurse would massage the area gently to smooth out the juvederm. The whole procedure took about 45 minutes. Aside from the mild stinging of the numbing agent, this was absolutely painless.

I went home with an immobile face due to the numbing agent, but within a few hours I looked normal, with only slight blotchiness and swelling around my nose and mouth. The next day, the blotchiness covered up just fine with makeup. In certain lighting I could could see swelling, but nothing I felt self conscious about.

After about 3 days everything looked completely normal and I decided I wanted one patch touched up a bit more. I went back in and they were able to just finish up my syringe - no charge. After that the results were perfect. I see no shadows in what used to be folds. When I smile, I look much younger because the area is plumper and no longer distracts from the rest of my face.

6 months later I am still thrilled with the results. I will definitely get this again in a couple of months when this begins to wear off.

One note - if I massage the area where they injected, I can feel very slight bumps. They are absolutely invisible beneath the skin, and I can only feel them when I massage very firmly. This doesn't bother me at all - on the contrary, I feel pleased that the juvederm is still there! However I have heard some people complain about it. Since I don't make a habit of letting other people massage my face, (aside from a facialist who doesn't care) I don't see any problem with it.

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Easy, inexpensive with good follow-up

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