Good Laser Hair Removal, but Saw Some Growths Between Treatments

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Laser hair removal is supposed to be permanent,...

Laser hair removal is supposed to be permanent, but the truth is that it takes care of 80% of the hair max. The rest of it can be removed by further treatments and maintaining to aviod regrowth. I lost more than 80% of my hair but saw some growths on my bikini area in between the treatments.  I went for 7 sessions , monthly and in between those i used to see a very slight stubble of a few hair growing back. It first i was angry, coz i thought i would be silk smooth in one session itself. But that was not rhe case. Now after 7 sessions, i am almost there.  The doc told me that the hair that was growing in between treatments must be the hair that was dormant at the time of laser and now it must be in the growth stage. After 7 sessions all hair has been taken care of.

The pain was mild to bearable. It feels hot and burns also. Still, it was ok. Here is my advice. If you do get laser done and more than or about 80% of hair are removed, get a maintainence session done atleast once a year to keep it clean and prevent any regrowth. Some people dont need it, but i have what i call : healthy" hair growth and plan to get a session on my underarms and bikini area next year or in about 8 months.

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