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I am a chinese woman with very very small eyes. I...

I am a chinese woman with very very small eyes. I mean really, my eyes arre just like two silts on the face! On top of that, age made my eyes puffy and kind of swollen so they became even smaller. I used to look really strange. A friend told me that bleph can change the shape of my eyes and i went to the clinic. The doc there told me what while my eye shape can not be changed and my eyes can not become bigger, the puffiness and the crow's feel can definetly be cleared. Laughing that the stupidity of that i had actually come in for, i went on to have the bleph done to make my eyes atleast visible as they looked 15 years ago. Bleph was great. I got a pain numbing injection so i couldnt feel much. Later on it hurt like hell and i could not open my eyes and they became sensitive and swollen.After 10 days i could see a change and the crows feel were completely gone. The swelling took some time to go but when it did, i saw that the old original swelling and puffiness was gone too. I was told to sleep with a high pillow and not to swim which i didnt. When i recovered fully, i was more than happy to see my eyes again! They are still small set, but not swollen and i look like how i did 15 years ago.
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