Good but You Need Nerves of Steel

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I had an upper and lower bleph in September 2007,...

I had an upper and lower bleph in September 2007, to remove an overactive muscle under one eye that looked lumpy and to fix my saggy upper lids. An incison was cut along both upper and lower lids, the latter along the lash line. Within an hour of waking up my eyes were super black and the bruising lasted 3 weeks. For the first 2 weeks the bruising was too dark to cover even with flesh coloured zinc cream. More worrying however was the lower lids which looked like they were pulling downward like a blood hounds. Also one upper lid looked like more skin had been removed than the other one. The surgeon said this would resolve in a week. It has more or less resolved but took about 6 weeks during which i had to put up with looking a bit sad and scary. My upper lids are not exactly the same but they are not noticeably different to anyone but me.The scaring is barely noticeable, along the lower lids i just look like i am wearing a faint eyeliner all the time as the scar is slightly darker than the rest on my skin. Along teh upper lids, teh scar is a little bit raised but the same colour as the rest of my skin and barely notieable as it falls in the folds of my eyelids. All in not bad result; the lumps are gone and I am glad I did it, but not a remotely pleasant experience.
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