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I just recently turned 50 and am feeling the age...

I just recently turned 50 and am feeling the age creep up (especially on my face) so I have done a lot of homework and plan to do eyes/fat transfer in the next few months to address the upper part of my face and then move downwards in time, basically because the thought of doing everything at once really overwhelms me.  After a lot of research and soul searching about how much surgery I was ready to commit to, I just did a Titan laser treatment with my dermatologist.  I was very skeptical which is why I originally waited so long, but I have to say that for jowls/neck I am very pleased.  You have to have realistic goals, this won't achieve what surgery will, but one treatment made an instant difference (really!) and I'm hoping that the next 3 months will show more improvement - if so I'll go for the 2nd treatement and happily pay the money because it keeps me from doing something far more invasive for now.   My husband is thrilled at the difference and so am I!  I had NO pain at all, and I attribute that to my dermatolgist who has the touch of a butterfly (my botox shots never hurt either) and she is very experieced with the Titan laser - don't let just anyone do this procedure, go to someone who is experienced!

West Orange Dermatologist

No hard sell, just tells you what she can accomplish and is very honest, gentle and caring.

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