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I had to have my teeth whitened because I was due...

I had to have my teeth whitened because I was due to have bonding done and needed to make the color of my teeth more uniform due to uneven staining. I went with the Zoom 2 process of 3 consecutive 15-minute sessions.

The pain was minimal during the whitening. I didn't experience any 'zingers' like others describe, but I think that's because my hygienist does the Zoom 2 whitening 80% of the time and is very good at it. That said, I was in horrible pain, even after loads of over the counter pain medication, for at least 12 hours after getting home. Make no mistake, it will hurt for a while afterwards!

My teeth were pretty yellow from years of tea, coffee, and tobacco stains going in, but look absolutely incredible two days later. As natural white as they have ever been and I'm in my early 40's. I am utterly shocked at the results and would never have expected it to have worked so well.

For 12 hours of pain and $550, it was worth every penny to have teeth I'm not afraid of showing when I smile now.

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This practice specializes in advanced cosmetic dentistry and are the prices are the same as local practices who do far less of this kind of work.

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