385cc Mod Prof Sientra Textured Round--5'10--13 Cm BWD

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Survived B-DAY today!! I’ve been scouring RS s...

Survived B-DAY today!! I’ve been scouring RS since February and wish I could remember how I found it to begin with. Upgrading my boobs has been one of those lofty goals that was lost in the cobwebs of my brain, but finding RS and all of your stories helped me see I could make this a reality! Pretty much every step I’ve taken in this process has been informed by all of you on RS, and by my PS at Center for Cosmetic Surgery, and his awesome patient coordinator. I also want to thank several Colorado BA and Mommy Makeover beauties on RS, several of whom used Dr. Vath and/or Dr. Wolfe at CCS. I’ve read and re-read your posts and many others that have been invaluable. Thank you so much!

I’ll be 43 the week of my BA! Guess it could be the best (or worst) birthday present someone could give herself…it’s going to go down in my book as The. BEST. Ever.

Surgery Day

STATS: 5’10”; 43 yrs. old; 145 lbs give or take a few; 36A cup, sad tiny deflated boobs…breast fed one grazer 24/7; 13-13.5 cm BWD; Bicuspid aortic valve (no need for repair right now, not on meds); quite active. BA GOAL: Walk away with fuller, natural-looking breasts that help bring some proportionality to my body and don’t slowdown my active lifestyle. IMPLANT/TYPE/SIZE CHOSEN: Sientra Textured Round Moderate Profile Silicone 385 cc (12.5 cm diameter). The BA will be dual plane under the muscle with incisions in the breast creases. I was the first surgery of the day so had to be at the center at 6 am and live about 40 minutes away from the center. What a beautiful drive…sun was already coming up and I just knew the day was going to go well even though I didn’t sleep a wink the night before. I did have one mental/silent freak out about how permanent this procedure would be, but I had read a lot of RS reviews on explants, which helped me tackle that anxiety. When we arrived, my nurse, Kate, had me take a urine test, get in a gown, and get the TED sox on. Then I got to lie down on this itty bitty heated reclining bed while she put calf compression sleeves on me (Vena Elite system) and prepared my IV and the intravenous antibiotic. She took me through the protocol for after care – meds, wearing the sports bra for one week and then any other supportive bras after that. She said I could shower on evening of day 1… don’t get the steri-strips soaked. She said no ice or heat. I love ice as a pain management tool, but my PS doesn’t have his patients use ice right after because their belief is that it constricts blood vessels and may slow recovery a bit (if I remember that correctly). My sister accompanied me; I can get through anything with her at my side. She braided my hair while we waited. She was my doula during my son’s birth too. I think she missed her calling! Anyways, the check-in nurse, surgical nurse (Joyce), and anesthesiologist (who was a hottie btw) were all very professional and so sweet. Joyce explained what meds they would be putting in the IV and that I might become chatty. I warned them that I might talk about zombies because my son has been making me binge watch the Walking Dead and it totally freaks me out. She said no matter they love zombies there. The anesthesiologist had me do several movements with my neck, teeth, etc. (not sure what all that was about), and he asked me another round of questions about my heart condition and asthma, and had me take both my inhalers before surgery. He said they would give me an intravenous anti-nausea med during surgery as well. I then talked briefly with the PS and he made some markings on me. My sister teased him about how small those beds are…my feet were hanging off lol. All in all, the surgical center was very pleasant and calm, and that was just what I needed. I don't remember anything once they wheeled me back.Next thing I knew I was awake on the itty bitty bed, dressed and ready to go. Just felt tightness and not really much pain…maybe a 2. They gave me a valium and off I went. I wanted to walk to the car but that was a no-no. Forgot to mention that due to my severe motion sickness and sensitivity to opioids, I went ahead and used the Scopalomine (sp?) patch, which I put on before driving to the center. I didn’t have any serious side effects as some of you warned about thank goodness, but man it really gave me cotton mouth. Eating a piece of toast was like trying to chew card board. In the end, I haven’t been nauseous or needed a Zophran yet. The 45-minute home ride was a little uncomfortable with the bumps and turns…I really should’ve taken a Percocet before leaving the center. When I got home I ate a tropical passion smash pack that has fruit and 14 g of protein so I could take a Percocet. I planned on sleeping in our recliner but couldn’t really get in and out of it easily because it’s a little low to the ground, so moved to my bed. I highly recommend the 4 in 1 wedge pillow from Brookstone. I got it on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond and then had another 20% off coupon…so well worth it. I slept pretty much all day but got up to walk around every couple of hours and stay on track with the Valium and Percocet. Soup and toast for dinner. Being able squat or do a half squat half lunge move has been my best friend getting onto and off the toilet and bed. The hardest part is laying up and down in bed, but I haven’t needed help getting up and down. Slept pretty much all night but set a couple of alarms to take my meds. Overall the day went better than I expected…I was imagining the worst as far as pain management but it’s been in check. I haven’t taken the sports bra off yet to take a peek…maybe tomorrow!

Day 1 Post-Op

Have felt pretty good today, my coloring is back, and my range of motion has definitely improved. So far I'm in love with this upgrade even with the gap (which was a part of my anatomy pre-BA)! Chest feels so tight after waking up from naps but the sooner I get up and start moving around the better I feel. And any sudden movements are no fun, but I can get in and out of the recliner today woo hoo. I'm still taking Percocet about every 6 hours. Skipped the Valium for most of the day but am taking some before bed. I've been able to get around the house, get my own water, snacks, etc. Again, squats and engaging my core make getting up and down so much easier. My son took me on a slow slow walk outside and it felt so nice getting some fresh air. I finally got the nerve to take the surgery bra off so I could shower tonight and noticed some bruising...I bruise so easily :-(. I'm hoping the Arnica cream will help a little. Shower felt wonderful...felt more human! Not ready to wash my hair yet. I still have stretch marks from my pregnancy 16 years ago and am keeping fingers crossed that they don't worsen with this boob upgrade...started the bio-oil today. Sure hope all of you are doing great and healing well!

I forgot to mention that my PS gave me Exparel injections during the surgery. It's supposed to last abut 72 hours after the surgery. Here's a link explaining Exparel, a non-narcotic local analgesic: http://www.exparel.com/patient/faq.php. I can't be sure how I would be feeling without it, but I feel pretty strongly that it has reduced my pain to almost none. I'm wondering if the pain will hit on Day 4. My PS normally uses Exparel on tummy tucks but I requested it for my BA because I'd read about a couple of other women on RS using it. It did cost an extra $500 but so far I think it was completely worth it. My PS does not use pain pumps and said that they add one more avenue for infection (I hope I remember that correctly). I can start Ibuprofen on Day 2 and may switch from the Oxy to ibuprofen tomorrow.

One last thing - I'm really glad I went with the 385 Sientras and not the 310 cc Sientra, which I'd initially chosen. I'll have to see how I look once the swelling goes down and they soften a bit but I'm so pleased so far :-).

Post-op Day 3...No news is good news

Today I have much better range of motion in my arms, and am getting around easily. I have had zero pain. I don't have my appetite back and have felt more sleepy today than I did yesterday...I'm following that advice you get when you have a newborn...sleep when they are sleeping and that's what I've done today A LOT. I stopped the oxycodone after last night and am on extra strength Tylenol. I took a valium before my last nap thinking it might help with tightness, but I can't tell what it's doing for me so may cut that out now. I've continued to use a ton of arnica gel and penetrex cream on my chest and upper ribs to help with bruising. I didn't get around to buying any cannabis cream yet...maybe tomorrow if I have any tenderness or continued swelling. One breast is slightly bigger and/or more swollen and sitting lower at this point. I do think the swelling is at a peak today, but maybe it could get a little worse tomorrow...they are pretty firm but not sore to the touch. Countdown to softer boobs begins!

As far as eating, the only things that have sounded appetizing to me are fresh fruit protein smoothies and steel cut oats with fresh fruit and ground flax seed, so that's what I've had. I have avoided any food with a lot of salt. I have managed two BMs and am feeling just a little bloated. I was taking 1-2 stool softners every time I took a percocet those first three days. And I've been drinking a ton of water and taking probiotics each day.

I'm still sleeping on my Brookstone wedge pillow and don't feel ready to lay flat on my back anytime soon. I feel like I could drive today but have avoided it. Have to drive tomorrow so will see how that goes.

Sending good thoughts to everyone for speedy healing!

Post op day 4 - got bit in the butt today

The past two days went pretty smoothly so today kind of took me by surprise. The positives: range of motion of arms, torso, etc. feeling more and more normal; no real pain to speak of (off the oxy and valium); bruising much better; drove without any issues/twinges, etc.; pipes working well; I have boobs!!! (I could say that 50 times!). The negatives: mega tightness (like I have two lumps of clay strapped on me); walked around in a brain fog and felt migrainous all day; couldn't help but wonder when the hell these things were/are gonna soften up; kept asking myself "is this for real?"; zero appetite and hence zero energy; and felt like I could sleep for a hundred years. I drove my son to one of his activities and literally took a nap in the car parked under a tree with the windows rolled down (it was a like a 100 degrees here today) while I waited on him). The normal me would have been running fifty errands in that hour. When I got home I did have a little burst of energy and fixed one of the dinners I'd pre-made before the BA. I also pulled out my surgical instructions folder and found the recovery guidelines. Guess it's pretty accurate, especially the Mood indicator. I must be having the boobie blues everyone talks about on day 4 and 5. Thankfully today is almost over...I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings because no matter what I'll be accompanied by boobs lol. On another note, I hope to upload some pics of me in clothes this week because I want to reassure anyone worried about going too big. I started with nothing, went with Sientra textured round 385 ccs mod profile, have a wide BWD (13 cm), am thinner/taller, and let me tell you it will be very easy to dress these girls down and I say that when I still have a lot of swelling. That is exactly what I wanted. Mind you I haven't tried on any swimsuits so don't know about that, but I could've gone to work today and not been a spectacle at all. Do I wish I'd gone bigger? At this moment I have to say Heck no because I feel like pain-wise I've had a really easy recovery and I wouldn't have wanted to try to fit in even bigger implants. Also, I want to see what it feels like doing yoga, riding my bike, etc. with the 385s before I could say yah I should've gone bigger. So bottom line, no boob greed here yet, but that's not to say it couldn't sneak up on me :-).

One Week Post-Op

Life goes on, ladies! I woke up this morning and felt like it was any other Saturday…ok maybe with a little morning boob, but the first thing I thought was “get the laundry done for the weekend and enjoy my day”. And the girls are a little closer to feeling like MY boobs and not so much like two hard objects…still quite a bit of progress to be made though. I think I'm regaining more feeling as I've had a couple of slight zingers or slight burning sensations in both breasts and I can somewhat feel my nipples...not in any pain though. I've felt pretty good the past couple of days. I slept a lot on Days 1-3 but didn't need help getting around the house (I was a complete shut in). Days 4-5 I started driving (no issues at all), felt pretty low energy and exhausted, had the boobie blues slightly (like I looked in the mirror and loved my boobs but then took a picture and immediately hated them :-)), and had a couple of migraines. I never got constipated or had pain worth writing about...I'll try to do separate posts on those two items some other day. Probably just the luck of the draw. I had my one-week post-op appointment yesterday with my PS’s nurse, Jen. I see the PS in four weeks and then a couple more times after that. Everything is looking good according to Jen! My incisions are healing well and the bruising is much better (I’d emailed them pics on Day 3 because I was worried about the bruising). She said I still have some swelling along my sternum and upper ribs (sternum has never been sore but my ribs have been tender), but that would resolve soon. I asked her about a slight pain I've had a couple of times along the inner top side of my right boob...like a small strained muscle. She said that's normal and yes it is the muscle that I'm feeling. I'm actually starting to feel that same little pain along my left breast (top, inner side) today. I have been set free from what I call the beast compression bra – thank you, Jen! It’s really just that little gray and white surgical bra in one of my pics, but with morning and nap boob I woke up feeling like I was being squeezed to death those first 4-5 days. I can wear whatever supportive bra I want. I actually have absolutely no idea where to start as far as bra shopping so you guessed it, I’m in the compression bra this morning! Also, I can sleep without a bra now, but I don’t feel ready to do that yet even though I never in my life slept with a bra before. I didn’t go for lots of CCs with this BA, but at 43 years old, I know the power of gravity. Not sure what I’m going to be sleeping in at this point…if anyone has any recommendations, please share! SeaToSkyBeauty shared info on the Night Lift Bra for the side sleepers out there. I looked at it on Amazon last night and am considering it, but would like some other ideas. Nurse Jen stressed NO exercising until two weeks post-op (do not raise heart rate and blood pressure), and then she reminded me that pain will be my guide and to listen to my body – if there is pain with any exercises, do not do them. To be honest, I am craving a hard bike ride. You would think I hadn’t worked out for weeks but I rode as many miles as I could before heading into the BA, so I need to get a grip. Exercise is just in my routine and keeps me sane so I feel like things aren’t quite right every day if I’m not working up a good sweat doing something…kind of like that feeling you get when you get to the end of the day and feel as though you forgot to do something. Anyways, ladies, I’m following the instructions to the T and won’t be hopping on my bike for an outside ride anytime soon. And I’m actually sort of afraid of falling. Like what if I have a brain fart, don’t get unclipped (which I did TWICE at the end of one bike ride a couple of years ago...I was tired and in lala land), and land on one of my precious new boobs. At that two week mark, I’m going to put my bike on my new Wahoo Fitness KICKR trainer and start very slowly and in small increments. I also have this cool Cycle Ops front block for my front wheel that has several positions. I’m going to put my front wheel in the angled up position so I can be more in an upright position and not use my upper body as much. I can’t wait to wear one of my cycling jerseys with these new boobs even if just within the confines of my little abode! On a final note, listening to what my body is telling me is really, really hard for me, but I’ve imprinted Nurse Jen’s instructions on the front burner of my brain. As a former athlete and having to power through various injuries and surgeries over the past 25 years, I kind of forget I’m in pain sometimes. Like it’s there but I don’t even pay attention or just find a workaround. Hot yoga has been helping me learn to be more in touch with my body, but I’m newer to that practice. I think given the fact that this has been an elective procedure for me and I want to protect the assets, I’ve read and re-read all instructions and followed them very carefully! Yay me!

Week 1 Post-Op – Pics with clothes

Forgot the pics in my last novel of a post (sorry!). Go easy on me ladies re: quality of my selfies. I’ve never really taken selfies! I hope these will help provide an idea of what still swollen Sientra Textured Round Moderate Profile 385 CCs look like on a 5’10”, 145 lb. girl who started with deflated, sad 36a cup (maybe less!) and 13-13.5 cm BWD. My body is really between a pear shape and a tree trunk lmao. It’s true though. I would’ve needed to go quite a bit bigger if my goal was focused solely on how I looked and achieving “mathematical” body proportionality (whatever that number is I don’t really know!). I really agree with what most women say on RS – tall women, especially those with wider frames, eat up the CCs. What was really key for me was to decide what my goals were for this BA and choose size based on that. I still chose to go smaller at 385 CCs, but at first I’d chosen 310 CCs! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy I went with the 385 CCs. BUT I know I’m at risk for rippling being taller and thinner, having little breast tissue, and being so dang bony in the upper chest area so that's keeping the boob greed in check. Also, I want to stay active without thinking about boobs and do think that had I gone larger than 385 I would be more concerned about boobs than I hope to be with just the 385s.

Jeez I ramble on. One last thing…I went to happy hour last night and had a yummy mojito, my first alcoholic drink in the past three weeks as I was avoiding alcohol so as to not hinder surgery or healing. (Hey, Nurse Jen said go for it!) I wore that white blouse with a black tank and black skirt, which really hid my new assets pretty well. I’m not ready to show them off to the world yet. Is that crazy or what?!! I’m so in love with them but I’m feeling protective, private and shy :-).

Boob Gods' Payback

Well today the boob gods (and air conditioning) left my boobs in hell. I had to sit in a two hour meeting with the AC on high and just had frozen boobs on my mind the entire time. How long does this sensitivity last? Someone please tell me there is an end in sight. I don't live in a tropical zone and winter will eventually be here. I remember reading a RS post about someone's boyfriend giving them a down vest that had some kind of heating capability...I will be looking that up. Guess having so little post-op pain was bound to have a kink somewhere :-(.

3 weeks approaching!

Time has flown by. It's been interesting and not exactly what I expected!!

NIPPLE ISSUES - big ouch. On about day 10, hyper-sensitive nipples became a really uncomfortable reality for me. They are super sensitive to fabric/material but even more so to compression so my few sports bras get unbearable after a couple of hours. I have a somewhat comfortable bralette but it also becomes unbearable. Kind of weird to me that Days 10+ have been more annoying than those early days. I've been out of state for more than a week for work and vacation or else I would've called my PS for an appointment. I researched hypersensitive nipples on RS, and based on some of the RS Docs' responses, it sounds common and I'm thinking I fall into that 5% of women who get it. Some of the docs said to massage/rub the nipples even though it would feel really uncomfortable and work up to washing them with a wash cloth, etc. Sorry TMI I know... I'm using DoTerra Deep Blue Rub when massaging/rubbing about 4xday and it's made a huge difference. I would be in frozen nipple hell 24/7 without it. The docs said no creams work but a combo of the massaging and deep blue has saved me. I haven't been able to test out cannabis cream/salve which I've been meaning to get since Day 1. Gonna give it a shot too. From what I read this could go on for weeks or even months :-(((. Also, the docs recommend pasties which I'm going to pick up tomorrow.

Working out...I was chomping at the bit to start some cardio at the two-week mark but that subsided when the nipple sensitivity hit. I have worked out a couple of times though - walking on an incline, Matrix stairs, and stationary bike. I thought I would be more out of shape cardio-wise but was fine. Where I'm definitely noticing some some losses is muscle tone, which I don't have a lot of to begin with. I hope to begin some light squats/legs in week 3. Overall, I didn't have any issues at all doing cardio other than my heart rate was more elevated than usual the first day back so I backed off a little bit.

Working/traveling: I have a desk job the majority of the time and felt like I could've gone back to work at day 5 if I had needed to. I actually went back to work on day 12, starting with a flight and three days of all day meetings and lots of standing. NOT FUN with the nipple sensitivity. Not sure what the hell I was thinking, but I survived. On day 16, we had a family road trip planned that I powered through - again less than pleasant. Ten hours of driving on crappy roads = misery for new boobs. Oh and I became the master of side hugs...had to do a lot of hugging this week and some of you RS women have posted about painful hugs, which I wanted to avoid at all costs. I fully admit I was too ambitious with my travels but I'd felt so good on Days 6-9 that I just got over confident. Oh well, just one more work trip next week and then I'm going to rest these boobs at my desk for the rest of July.

Sleeping: I'm still on my Brookstone wedge and do have slight morning boob some mornings but it dissipates as soon as I move around a little. I haven't tried sleeping flat yet. I'm a back and side sleeper and really do miss sleeping on my side.

3 week pics

I finally did a collage to help me see that progress, even if minimal, is happening. I needed to see this because for the past week and a half (really starting at day 10), I really let the nipple sensitivity, hard boobs, and residual soreness get me down. And I've felt like my left boob is all over the place day to day. I have textured and began to wonder "did it adhere to the breast tissue as expected? Am I getting an early case of CC?" Anyways, I know I'm being overly paranoid, but I can't wait for my 6-week follow up appointment at the end of July just to reassure me. Not to jinx myself, but I feel like the nipple sensitivity calmed down ever so slightly today. Keeping my fingers crossed that it disappears soon! And yes they are softening a little lol. JustCallMeStella's last update was a great reminder about respecting the process...that's my goal this week!

Feeling great at 4 months!

Last week I felt guilty that I hadn't updated in a long time...this week I made up my mind to update come hell or high water. Time goes so quickly once you get past those first 2-3 weeks of boob-obsession! As far as I can tell things are progressing well so far! I have my six month check-up in December.
WORKING OUT/FITNESS: It’s been a process. My PS cleared me to jog and cycle at my 6-week check-up and I could’ve started earlier had I felt like it but pecs felt too loose/stretched out and bouncing was uncomfortable. I'm finally very close to my pre-BA cycling mileage and feeling good again on the bike. I started cycling at about 7 or 8 weeks post-BA. Unlike a lot of women whose reviews I read about jogging at week 3 or 4, jogging was not fully comfortable for me until about 9-10 weeks post-BA. Again the issue was in my upper pecs. I tightened my sports bra straps and the band and this really helped anchor down the boobs. Now I'm fine jogging, even without the tight sports bra...no issues whatsoever. I haven't felt quite ready to start Pilates reformer or Hot Yoga yet but am super close. Unfortunately, these are my primary strategies for keeping my abs toned so I'm feeling super flabby and weak.

NIPPLE HYPERSENSITIVITY: As I posted earlier, it hit at about day 10. It then greatly subsided at about week 6 with the help of massaging the nipples with doTerra Deep Blue Rub, Penetrex, and or cannabis salve (which was a late addition) multiple times a day as well as wearing nipple covers (Nippies by Bristol Six!). A more muted hyper-sensitivity returned in month 4 and I still have slight sensitivity even now...like some mornings water pressure in the shower hurts! Ugh. But I'm no longer sensitive to the cold thankfully because I'd be dreading winter.

SOFTENING OF TEXTURED IMPLANTS: Once the nipple sensitivity improved, my next challenge in months 2, 3, and 4 has been remaining patient as these textured implants softened. And unfortunately mine have had a mind and timeline of their own. I'd be lying if I said it's been anything but hard waiting out this process, and some days I’ve been outright frustrated with my ultra-perky and firm boobs. For example, at the end of a long hard day, my boobs feel tight and firm. BUT they are softening day by day even now and having wonderfully jiggly, squishy boobs may still become a reality. If you want instant gratification meaning soft squishy jiggly boobs soon after your BA, talk to your PS about whether you can achieve this with textured…maybe my body is just stubborn.

SIZE: Talk about a roller coaster of emotions on this topic. Early on, I was so grateful that I went with the 385s rather than the 310s. Then I thought WTH was I thinking NOT going with the 310s. Here are my thoughts right now. I’m content with the 385s. I’m measuring a 34 D cup (Wacoals, Natori, Cosabella, etc.). Glad I didn’t go smaller and super glad I didn’t go larger because I cringe thinking about how I’d feel working out with another 150-200 ccs. It just seems like my chest/pecs have taken a while to “accept” these implants. Also, staying with a conservative size has allowed me to keep my upgrade completely confidential in my work setting, which was very important to me. I wanted a modest upgrade and 385s gave me just that. Now with that said, if you’re tall (I’m 5’10”, 145 lbs) with a wider BWD (13-13.5 cm for me) and frame AND want noticeably big beautiful breasts, you’re going to have to go larger than 385 ccs! Go with at least 450-500 cc if your PS says your body can handle that size. If I ever need to replace these implants - hopefully not before 10 years or longer - I will consider going bigger as I think my chest will be able to handle them.

PAIN: I never really had a lot of pain even right after the BA. The zingers were more apparent beginning at like week 3 through month 2 and then really tapered off though I do still have occasional slight zingers (mostly in the upper part of my breasts).

For those headed into a BA in the coming weeks/months, wishing you a speedy recovery and awesome results! For my new boob sisters, I hope they are bringing you more fun and joy!

Bra shopping post-BA :-((( ??? Kindly asking for your help with any strategies...

Unlike a lot of women on RS, I haven't had a pleasurable experience shopping for bras since my BA (bikini shopping has gone better though!). I finally decided to hold off on any major bra purchases until I'm at 6 months or so. My stats as a quick reminder: 5'10", 145 lbs, 13-13.5 cm BWD, breastfed one sweet grazer eater baby for a year 16 years ago and was what I thought a 36 A cup (barely). My implants are Sientra Textured Round 385 CCs Mod Profile and they are taking their dear sweet time softening. I'm now at 4 months. Let me be honest in saying that I have never known how to bra shop even before the BA so I've been really nervous about giving it a go since the BA. I first went to Nordstroms at 7 weeks post-BA...ok probably too soon. I didn't go in for a formal sizing, just to start trying things on and I needed a simple nude bra for an upcoming work trip because my sports bras don't go with some of my blouses. I didn't tell the bra assistant that I had had a BA because I wasn't asking to be sized and I didn't ask for her help for that matter AND I didn't know what the hell I was doing. She was pretty pushy though and kind of inserted herself...maybe I should've just left but I was determined to get that nude bra. Anyways, I learned from her that I was a 34 D not a 36 C, which was super helpful then my experience went downhill from there. She asked me point blank if I'd had "some work done" and called me out loudly in the dressing room area - and I mean loudly - for not telling her. The pic I posted was of me at 6 weeks so yes I guess I did look like I'd had some work done :-(. I guess she thought I wasted her time in trying on certain types of bras as she also loudly pointed out that until I was more "malleable" a lot of the molded cup bras wouldn't fit well and it would be a waste of money to buy them at that point. She said I should always tell the bra assistant that I'd had work done. In the end, I guess she really wasn't in it for the sale and convinced me to wait on a couple of pretty Natori bras until a few months down the line and sent me away with a properly fitting, nude Wacoal soft cup lace underwire bra. Bottom line, it was a weird experience and left me deflated though more knowledgeable. I do try to think the best of people and I do believe she was trying to help in her way but I was almost in tears when I got home and didn't think about getting a bra for weeks after that. I've more recently ordered a couple on Amazon and Nordstroms and sent them all back.

For those of you out there who are seasoned bra shoppers, can you PLEASE give me a couple of pointers for when I finally brave another shopping trip and when my implants have softened more?? For example, just giving me simple steps to take would be SO appreciated. Do I walk in and say "I need to be measured and yes I've had a BA??" Also any advice on wearing bras with textured implants that are continuing to soften would also be helpful. Thank you!!!
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I'm just at one day post-BA and so far I have had only good experiences with Dr. Vath, his patient coordinators, Kari and Carrie, and their nurses (Jen, Kate, and Joyce in particular). I'll add to this review once I go back for my post-op apt, etc. This is a very competent practice with staff who genuinely care about their patients and outcomes.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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