2nd Surgery for Touch Up, Scar Revision, Lipo Stomach Front and Back.

It is almost a year since I had my Mommy maker...

It is almost a year since I had my Mommy maker done. I am not satisfy on the outcome of this procedure. At first, I am super excited seeing the new me in my surgical garment after the procedure. I can see myself with a hour glass body in the mirror. Definitely worth every penny.

But 3 months later, after the garment is off, I begin to see imperfections here and there. I am very upset that I can't even wear a 2 piece during the summer. My belly button looks awful, I still look like 4 months pregnant, my hips are uneven, my back still have 2 breast hanging out, and my butt cheeks has 2 black dots from Lipo that stays with me for life. No more sexy underwear or G-Strings for me, grandma brief underwear is the only choice to hide it.

Finally, I scheduled my 2nd surgery for a major touch up. I am dying for another makeover. I hope my surgeon won't let me down this time.
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