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I was researching treatments for underarm odor...

I was researching treatments for underarm odor since my prescription medication and current deodorant stopped working (which has been the pattern since I was 12 yrs old). I have a consultation with Dr Casas this week and I'll most likely get procedure depending on what the doctor says. I'll keep you posted.............

Just got the Miradry procedure today

So, I'm sitting my couch with a frozen water bottle in each arm pit. Initially when I arrived at the doctor's office I was so nervous (due the injections). I actually saw the syringes which did not help my nerves. So the tech offered me a Xanax. After the second time she offered it, I bit the bullet and swallowed the pill. Of course it kicked in after I had been injected multiple times in the armpits! I was so numb after the shots that I didn't feel anything when the Miradry was administered. The tech and the PA were very personable and made sure that I was comfortable. I left the office with ice packs but they melted during the trip home so I'm using the frozen water bottles for now

2 days after the treatment

So far the pits are swollen and slightly numb. Yesterday I felt a "stinging" pain, not too bad and today i haven't felt anything. I've kept the frozen water bottles underneath my arms for most of the weekend. I'm really want to workout but the dr's office advised against upper body exercise for 2 weeks :|
But it will be worth it to be odor free!

5 days post treatment

The swelling has deceased but the pits are looking a little "lumpy". From what I read this is nothing unusual. However this morning I felt some tightness, especially when I lowered my arms. Massaging the areas helped. Plus I noticed that the underarm hair is growing back very slowly. No sweating, no odor, and no shaving - I'll take that! :)

9 days post treatment

Definitely less swelling but some soreness & tightness.

Almost 4 weeks later

Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks since I had the procedure. The swelling is gone and the lumps are on their way out too. However my left pit is still a tiny bit sore (the right pit is ok). After 2 weeks I started using deodorant again for my own comfort level. Now I just put on 1 swipe as opposed to layering it on. Here's the weird thing-I wasn't using it during my workout. My pits were warm but not wet. However I went for a long walk 2 days in a row this week and my pits were a little wet. I was deodorant-free on these days plus it was humid & 90 degrees. I'm attributing my wet shirt to weather since I sweated in the areas I would normally sweat in (during exercise).

So far the odor hasn't been a problem. I notice that the left pit is sometimes "sticky"- it's similar to the feeling when your mouth is really dry. I use the antibiotic ointment at night to help with that. Also massaging the pits really helps with discomfort. I'll post more updates as the journey continues................

2 months post :)

Well, it's been 2 months since the procedure and things are going well. If I pull the armpit skin tightly then I can see vertical bands. The doctor said I should massage the pits daily but I have to admit I fell off the wagon!

I have no regrets about getting the procedure. Sometimes I wonder if if the pits are sweating but I can't feel any wetness. My main issue that I'm dealing with is the anxiety. For so long I experienced anxiety (and fear) because of the odor. It definitely affects your personal and professional life! Now I'm trying to re-train my brain and do more positive self talk. I have limited myself and accepted less because of the odor. No more of that! There are times when I wonder if my pits smell so I'll take a whiff and I can't detect anything. Getting Miradry was an excellent decision......
Dr. Casas

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