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For the past few months my life has been consumed...

For the past few months my life has been consumed trying to find a doctor. My original plan was going with Slupchynskyj in NYC. I had a consult with anothe doctor in NJ and for the price, I figured I could explore more options. I searched and searched and found Grigoryants and his work is exactly what I want for my on nose. Small, ultra feminine. My mind is pretty much made up and we are in the very beginning stages of contact. Looking for hotel recommendations and some patient experiences. Thanks! Very excited.

Revision Rhinoplasty with Grigoryants

Extremely excited, obsessed honestly. I booked my appointment last week. I will be going through Airbnb for lodging. Found a great place 3 miles from the office/hospital. Booking my lodging and airfare this week. Rates are currently reasonable so I am not going to hesitate. I will be flying from North Eastern Pennsylvania into LAX for the procedure. I will be going alone my boyfriend must stay at home to work (obviously) and take care of our pets. I am going to be utilizing uber and lyft for transportation. Following the surgery I'm hiring a caretaker for a few hours (2 hour minimum at $20/hr.) I found a post about a packing list of supplies which was really cute and helpful. I did go for consults with a few big NYC/NJ rhinoplasty surgeons and was not pleased and I am always willing to travel. Decided on Grigoryants after some very careful consideration. Will update throughout the process.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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