vela shape 3 - Glendale, CA

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I had some cellulite on the side of my tights and...

I had some cellulite on the side of my tights and I purchased a Groupon Package at the Brand Surgical Cosmetic Center. It didn't hurt at all, sometimes it burned a bit and the gal will turn down the heat.
I'm in my third treatment and I have seen NO improvement whatsoever. My skin feels softer for sure.
The cellulite is still there. I still have two more treatments to go. The third treatment left some strong bruising on one of my legs but I applied arnica and ice and it was gone in 3 days. I read that was normal for this treatment. I will post pics one my 5th treatment is done. I am thin, drink tons of water and exercise regularly . Post any comments, or your experience if you had …Also, not sure how will you be able to tell wether they are using the Velashape III or the II, I have no clue as how the machines look like. Any suggestions? Greatly appreciated.
Brand Surgical Institute

The Girl that did the treatment was Noelia. She is really nice and will explain the treatment very well. Very accommodating with the scheduling and all. But my only complain is that I had some bright read bruising appearing in one of my legs on the third treatment. I called her and she asked me to se photos, I sent them and I never herd back from her again. Not cool. Will speak with a manager next :)

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