Student Looking to Get Surgery This Summer - Glendale, CA

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After doing lots of research I've decided to go to...

After doing lots of research I've decided to go to dr. grigoryants in glendale. I have excess cartilage on one side of my nose from a previous surgery so it looks hooked on one side. I've been very upset about the way it looks for a few years now and its been very discouraging after a failed surgery. This site has been very helpful in making my decision, so thanks to everyone for their posts. I'm a student and hoping to get off the waiting list for sometime this summer (I originally called at the beginning of March and had an email consult). Has anyone ever had any luck with getting off the waitlist? I've heard some people on this site switching surgery dates, so if anyone here has to cancel or delay their surgery for some reason I would be soo happy if they could message me.

Still on the waiting list

I've been on the waiting list since April and calling every week since May, but I havent had any luck getting a surgery date. I'm really worried because I want to get it done before I go back to school in late August. I've been waiting a long time to get this surgery but I'm so stressed its not going to happen :(
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