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Hello Community! I just wanted to collect some...

Hello Community!
I just wanted to collect some feedbacks from people who have already had a rhinoplasty done. I would like to collect feedbacks regarding Doctor Grigoryants and Doctor Lucian Ion.
I have uploaded some pictures of my original nose and some morphs.
Can anyone share his/her experience with me?
Please let me know.

help needed


I am very scared and undecided about whom should I go for.

From the one hand, Having a long face makes me feel not very confident that a short Grygoriant's nose would fit my face.

From the other hand, I am afraid that Ion could leave me with a wider nose from the front.

I kind of like Ion's straight profile and Grigoryants front.

Also, I suffer from anxiety and I feel very nervous about everything involving my face.

I am really hoping to find some help with you Realsefers.

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